Genshin Impact handguard farming: Nobushi locations guide

Pick up Handguard ascension materials every day by using these optimised routes containing large amounts of Nobushi

The Nobushi and Kairagi brandishing swords in front of a blurred landscape of Inazuma in Genshin Impact

Want to know where you can farm Handguards in Genshin Impact? The day has finally come, your favourite character’s banner is live, but you’re completely unprepared. Without any ascension materials, you won’t be able to use your new character in your main party unless you spend several hours farming items.

Handguards are one of the ascension materials that characters and weapons from Inazuma need to reach their full potential. This ascension material is considerably harder to acquire than most as the items are dropped by just two enemies: Nobushi and Kairagi. These enemies can only be found on Inazuma and they have a notoriously low drop rate, even on World Level 8.

If you’re planning on spending some primogems on an upcoming Genshin Impact banner, you may want to prepare some ascension materials beforehand for your future Inazuman character. Yae Miko’s banner is set to go live in 2.5, and there are rumours that Raiden Shogun could be returning in the first half of the update.


There are three types of Handguard ascension materials: Old Handguard, Kageuchi Handguard, and Famed Handguard. It’s important to note that Famed Handguard won’t drop unless you’re on World Level 6 or higher. You can craft the next tier of Handguard by trading three of the previous tier.

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The drop rates for Handguards are so low because players can fight up to 500 Nobushi every day. Inazuma is split into six islands, but only five of them have Nobushi roaming around. You don’t have to fight every enemy on Inazuma, instead you should use our optimised farming routes. We’ve picked out the spots on the map with the highest density of Nobushi to save the most amount of time on your farming runs.

Here are the best routes to farm Handguard in Genshin Impact:

  • Teleport to the small island and glide to the slightly larger island. Don’t forget to head to the lowest pin which features a few enemies just above water
  • Head to the nearby Statue of the Seven and glide down to the Waverider Waypoint. Take a boat to the islands on the left to find enemies
  • Travel to the teleport location in the centre of the third map and immediately head to the right. After you finish up in this area, take the teleporter to the waypoint right below the first one. There are Nobushi and Kairagi to the south and east of this area
  • Go to the Statue of The Seven and head in a straight line from west to east, giving you an opportunity to fight several enemies. Once you finish up there, use the waypoint directly below the first teleporter to fight off another batch of enemies on the smaller islands
  • Use the waypoint as shown on the fifth map and glide down to the coast. Start from the south and work your way north – don’t forget to clear the smaller island in the west

Those are the best locations to farm Hanguard in Genshin Impact. Depending on your luck, you should be able to collect at least 40-80 Handguard each day in just under 15 minutes. Start planning your farming route to ensure you have enough Yae Miko ascension materials to instantly level her up when she launches next month. Ayaka, Raiden Shogun, and the Electro Traveler all use Handguard as ascension materials – it’s worth collecting as much as you can to build a strong team.

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