Genshin Impact event asks players to shout at KFC employees for pins

A Genshin Impact event at Chinese KFCs has gotten so big that the police are being called to break up the lines

Genshin Impact is huge – huge enough to be getting the ‘promotional fast food tie-in’ treatment. Chinese KFC locations are offering a variety of Genshin Impact-related goodies with your purchase, including pins featuring the RPG game’s Noelle and Diluc. To get a pin, however, you have to shout at hapless KFC employees, and, well, things are getting weird.

The promotion has been going on for a bit now, and the in-game bonuses (like a unique glider, which will eventually be made available worldwide) have been reason enough to grab some extra chicken. But this weekend, the promotion also includes a pair of collectable pins, and players are already lining up to be the first to get them.

The lines have apparently gotten so large that the police have been called in to break up the crowds, in compliance with lingering COVID restrictions. And, well, this image of a Noelle standee being carried away under the flashing lights of a police siren will haunt me until the day I die.

As Asian game market analyst Daniel Ahmad explains on Twitter, “To get the KFC themed Diluc and Noelle pins you must go up to a KFC employee in store and loudly say ‘meet in another world, enjoy delicious food’. Then you will be given the pin with your meal.”

Some players have jumped the gun on getting the pins, but are still taking the ‘loudly say’ part very seriously.

Very seriously indeed.

This isn’t the first time KFC China has gotten in on gaming promotions. Remember FFXIV’s Black Fat Chocobo? Fried chicken and online games are a heck of a combination.