Genshin Impact Noelle hangout guide – Act 1 and 2

All the endings and achievements you can unlock in both acts of Noelle’s hangout event

Noelle looking shocked in the library in the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event

Looking for a Genshin Impact Noelle hangout guide? Hangout events are fun, story-driven quests in which you spend time one-on-one with a character, getting to know them better, and attempting to hold a conversation with them that doesn’t end with them running away.

The first part of Noelle’s hangout event was released with the 1.4 update, and the 1.5 update added a second act. There are six possible endings to both acts of Noelle’s hangout events, excluding the ones where she ditches you entirely. In order to get all the rewards from Noelle’s hangout event, you must achieve all endings. Though you need two story keys to unlock each hangout, once they’re unlocked, they’re free to revisit. Conveniently, you can drop into the hangout at any story checkpoint you’ve previously unlocked, in order to try pursuing a different thread.

During the hangout event, Noelle also has a heartbeat meter – lose enough hearts by choosing dialogue options she doesn’t like, and the hangout will end early. If you’re looking to avoid these faux pas, never fear – here’s a comprehensive Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event walkthrough for Acts 1 and 2, so you can unlock every ending and achievement.

Noelle Hangout event walkthrough

Act 1 – Chivalric Training

Noelle waves goodbye to a visitor in the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event

Goodbye, Miss Maid!

Honorary Knight! > All of Life is Training > Guest from Afar

It doesn’t matter what you say to Noelle in the first dialogue option – when she asks you for guidance on her Chivalric Training, say “It’s okay not to be a knight”. What you say after that doesn’t have an impact on the outcome.

A man called Alois asks for help with some slimes; then the two of you will escort him back to Mondstadt. The dialogue options before you arrive at the pub don’t have any impact on the ending. The next branch begins when Alois asks “Is this what they give to all visitors in Mondstadt?” Choose “Noelle’s way of showing hospitality.” You’ll go to Good Hunter, and again, you’ll have the same two dialogues; choose ‘hospitality’ again. Noelle will give Alois a gift… and once again, the same two dialogue options present themselves; choose ‘hospitality’. The other dialogue options are just for flavour; they make no difference to the story. He will leave happily, and you get the ‘Goodbye, Miss Maid!’ ending.

The player consoles Noelle as she stands, dejected, by the gates of Mondstadt in her Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event

A Cold Reception

Honorary Knight! > All of Life is Training > Guest from Afar

This ending also comes from telling Noelle “It’s okay not to be a knight”, but instead of selecting the ‘hospitality’ responses to Alois, choose “Made especially for you”. When you escort Alois out of the city, he discloses he was planning to imitate Mondstadt’s famous Dandelion Wine. When you return to Noelle, she seems disappointed, and you get the ‘A Cold Reception’ ending.

Noelle fighting hilichurls in the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event

A Maid Above Ground

Honorary Knight! > Training Ground > For Greater Strength

When Noelle asks you for guidance on her Chivalric Training, tell her “Of course, where do you want to start?” When she tells you she feels like something is missing, tell her she lacks strength. There will then be a strength test where Noelle destroys all the training dummies within a certain time frame. She asks you again what she needs, and once again, tell her she needs more strength.

After mining for ore and killing slimes and a Mitachurl, rocks fall down into the chasm. You must then clear rocks and defeat the Lawachurl to unlock this ending.

Noelle is thanked by a grateful man in the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event

A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength

Honorary Knight! > Training Ground > For More Experience

Instead of telling Noelle she lacks strength after she completes the training exercise, ask “Is it because you lack real-world fighting experience?” Then you’ll attempt to defeat some foes, and inevitably fail – you tell her how important it is to fight together, and then discover a man, Henning, asking for help. Helping him earns you the ‘A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength’ ending, and the ‘…For I am Duty Bound’ achievement.

Noelle studies a book in the library in her Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event

A Conundrum Called Love

Honorary Knight! > A Breather > It’s the Heart that Matters

When Noelle asks you about Chivalric Training, tell her “Of course, where do you want to start?” This time, tell her she’s lacking rest. Regardless of the other options you pick, you go for tea together. You hatch a plan to give a gift, and choose “it’s the thought that counts”, which leads to you presenting Bea with a grilled fish. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t help much, and Noelle feels bad, heading to the library to study. There’s a secret achievement here – ‘A World Known Only Unto Roses’ – which you get by reading Noelle’s study notes.

Lying on the grass with Noelle as she presents a paper rose, in the Genshin Impact Noelle hangout event

Whisper of the Paper Rose

Honorary Knight! > A Breather > Sincerest of Gifts

This is one of the best Noelle hangout endings. After agreeing to help Noelle with her training and telling her she’s lacking rest, this time, when she asks about the gift, tell her “we should choose carefully”. You visit a shop, and can choose between two options – the Squirrel Wood Carving loses you a heart, but you can still progress. The Frostening Bottle is the better option. After taking three photos at various points around the map, Beatrice will ask you about these locations; ‘Cape Oath’ will progress the quest. You and Noelle then head to Windrise together, and she gives you a paper rose. Aww.

Act 2 – Knightly Exam Prep

The second act of Noelle’s hangout event sees you coaching her through her upcoming exam. when you meet her in the library, don’t tell her ‘You don’t look so good…’ as you’ll lose one heart.

Genshin Impact Noelle standing on a balcony looking thoughtful

Rest Amidst the Rocks

Emergency Exam Prep > Levity in Liyue > Crook-Catching Commission

When you give advice to Noelle about her exam in the library, tell her “a change of scenery might do you good”. Then travel to Liyue and head to the Wanmin Restaurant. After eating a spicy dish, head to the Blacksmith, and when Noelle asks where to go next, tell her the harbor. After speaking to the Millelith at the harbor, you battle some Treasure Hoarders who are attempting to escape. Then you both drink tea together, unlocking the Rest Amidst the Rocks ending.

Genshin Impact Noelle fleeing from fans who want to talk to her

The Maid-Knight’s Tale

Emergency Exam Prep > Levity in Liyue > Emergency Story-Sourcing

After recommending a change of scenery to Noelle in the library and visiting Liyue with her, when she asks where to go next, tell her Third-Round Knockout. You then speak to Iron Tongue Tian, and head with him to a hilichurl camp, which you will clear out. After giving Tian the Chaos Device from the Ruin Guard, head back to Liyue and the storyteller will recount his tale, unlocking the second ending, The Maid-Knight’s Tale.

Genshin Impact Noelle being dragged away from joining the Adventurers Guild

Perfect Score

Emergency Exam Prep > Can-Do Katheryne > Immaculate Examination

In the library, when Noelle tells you about her exam, advise her not to hide from it, and confront the stress of the exam directly. Then tell her to take more exams to get used to the atmosphere. Head to the Adventurer’s Guild and take the exam – unsurprisingly, you need to get a perfect score to unlock the Perfect Score ending.

Noelle Adventurer’s Guild exam answers

  • Windwheel Aster
  • Roald
  • Mare Jivari
  • Steak

Then you must defeat the ruin guard within 70 seconds to pass the exam with flying colours.

Genshin Impact Noelle looking distressed in the library

Points Deducted

Emergency Exam Prep > Can-Do Katheryne > Imperfect Examination

This result follows the same path as Immaculate Examination above, but instead of answering correctly, you need to make one mistake – this can be wherever you like.

After the exam, once you head back to the library, read Noelle’s Study Notes on the table to unlock the secret achievement, ‘Mondstadt’s Note-Taker General’.

Noelle and the Traveler walking the streets together at night, a bird perched on the bunting above them

The One and Only Noelle

Emergency Exam Prep > Outrider 101 > In the Master’s Image

This time, after you recommend Noelle confront the stress of the exam directly, tell her to try and imagine passing the exam. Head to the Stormbearer Mountains and collect Valberries and Slime Condensate for Noelle to make a Baron Bunny. Place it by the hilichurl camp, and defeat the incoming hilichurls. Then suggest she could become an Acting Grand Master. Return to Mondstadt to see if anyone needs help; you will meet Marjorie, who is looking for her lost monocle.

Find a girl called Glory sitting on a bench, who tells you she heard a finch flying away with something. Climb to the nearest rooftop and search for nests until you find the monocle.

Genshin Impact Noelle helping a man home after a night of drinking

Work Made for a Maid

Emergency Exam Prep > Outrider 101 > Copying the Cavalry Captain

Similar to the above, tell Noelle to confront the stress of the exam, and to imagine passing the exam. After fighting the hilichurls in the mountains, suggest that Noelle could become a Cavalry Captain. Enter the Angel’s Share tavern, and serve the drink to Payne. Continue to work in the tavern until the end of the day, and you’ll unlock the sixth ending, Work Made for a Maid.

Those are all six Noelle hangout event endings for both acts – once you’re finished spending quality time with the dutiful maid, head over to our Barbara hangout guide and unlock all possible endings with her, too.