Genshin Impact wood locations – how to make furniture

Here's where to collect wood and how to craft furniture in the new housing system

Looking for a list of wood locations in Genshin Impact? The 1.5 update added a whole new housing system in Genshin Impact – the Serenitea Pot. You disappear inside of a magical teapot and build and furnish your own realm, guided by the lovable teapot spirit, Tubby. You’ll need to locate certain trees and plants and forage materials to craft Genshin Impact furniture.

For an extensive breakdown of how the Serenitea Pot works, make sure to read our Genshin Impact housing guide, including what you’ll need to do to unlock your own realm. Once inside, however, you can choose between three different settings to be your new home from home: Cool Isle, Emerald Peak, and Floating Abode. Here you can craft new furnishings and increase your Trust Rank with Tubby to unlock additional features.

There’s plenty of new Serenitea Pot content arriving with each update – recent additions include fish ponds in which you can raise ornamental fish you’ve caught across Teyvat, and a gardening system that allows you to plant seeds and grow crops. The introduction of the Inazuma region also brought new wood types – here’s everything you need to know about collecting wood in Genshin Impact.

How to make furniture in Genshin Impact

There are over 200 possible furnishings, and every time you craft one, your Trust Rank increases. To craft new items of furniture, you need Furnishing Blueprints, which you can gain by participating in events, and completing the Adeptal Mirror. You can purchase these from the Realm Depot or the Teapot Traveling Salesman, before talking to Tubby to craft the furniture itself.

Genshin Impact wood locations

Wood is one of the materials required to make furniture, and can be collected by chopping down trees in Teyvat. Simply hit the tree and the wood will automatically be added to your inventory. The type of tree you cut down determines the kind of wood you’ll receive. To complicate matters further, certain trees can only be found in specific locations.

The Genshin Impact wood locations are:

  • Birch wood – Windwail Highland
  • Cuiha wood – Starfell Valley and Bishui Plain
  • Pine wood – Dragonspine region
  • Sandbearer wood – Minlin and Lisha
  • Bamboo segments – Bishui Plain
  • Fragrant cedar wood – Starfell Valley
  • Fir wood – Galesong Hill and Starfell Valley

Genshin Impact Inazuma Wood locations

There are several new types of wood to craft furniture with in Inazuma. They can be found in the following locations:

  • Yumemiru wood – Sakura trees on Narukami Island
  • Maple wood – Narukami Island
  • Aralia wood – Narukami Island
  • Otogi wood – Yashiori Island

How to get dye in Genshin Impact

You can either gather the relevant materials for dye, or you can swap items in the creation menu to create the dye you need. For example, you can swap carrots for sunsettias used to make red dye.

Now you know all the wood locations in Genshin Impact, it’s time to get started on your realm creation. There may be some additional Serenitea Pot features arriving in future updates – we’ll let you know if any new wood types appear.