Genshin Impact teapot guide – how to use the Serenitea Pot

How to craft furnishings and build yourself a home of your own

Wondering how to use the Serenitea Pot? Genshin Impact’s new housing mechanic arrived in the 1.5 update, alongside Genshin Impact new characters, a bunch of new events to get stuck into, and a couple of new Genshin Impact hangout events.

But it’s the housing system, otherwise known as the Serenitea Pot, that’s really caught players’ imaginations. Inside this magical floating teapot lives an adorable teapot spirit called Tubby, and a whole realm that you own and are able to decorate as you please. Once you acquire this teapot, you can summon it wherever you like and hop inside for a break from the action.

As you unlock and craft new furnishings and place them inside your realm, you upgrade your Trust Rank and Adeptal Energy, and generate additional Realm Currency to exchange for new blueprints and furnishings. Mihoyo plans to develop the teapot housing system over subsequent game updates, so we can expect this feature to grow even further in the future, with the introduction of new mechanics.

How to unlock the Genshin Impact Teapot

To unlock the Serenitea pot, you must have reached Adventure Rank 35, and have completed the Archon Quest, Chapter I: Act III – ‘A New Star Approaches’. You then need to complete the quest “A Teapot to Call Home”.

How to use the genshin impact teapot

You enter the Serenitea Pot realm by going to your Inventory and navigating to the Gadgets section, summoning the teapot and interacting with it. To leave the realm, summon and use the teapot again while inside, or simply teleport somewhere else on the world map.

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teaPot layouts

When you enter the Serenitea Pot realm for the first time, you can choose between three different settings:

  • Cool Isle – an island surrounded by water
  • Emerald Peak – a mountain peak, high in the clouds
  • Floating Abode – a cluster of islands floating in the sky

teapot Trust Rank

As you decorate your realm, you can increase your Trust Rank with the tea spirit, Tubby. To increase your Serenitea Pot Trust Rank, craft a new furnishing for the first time. As you achieve higher Trust Ranks, you unlock other realm areas, and eventually the other two realm layouts, which you can switch between at will.

How to craft furniture

There are all kinds of buildings and features you can place in your realm – over 200 at release. To craft them, you need Furnishing Blueprints, which are acquired by increasing your Trust Rank, participating in events, and completing the Adeptal Mirror.

Once you have your Furnishing Blueprints, you need to gather materials. Materials can be collected from trees and plants, and some materials – like fabric and dye – can be crafted by interacting with the teapot spirit. Some dye ingredients can be swapped out in the creation menu; for example, to create red dye, Sunsettias can be swapped out for carrots.

Once you have all your materials, craft your furniture by talking to the spirit.

Furnishing Blueprints, materials, and furnishings can also be purchased from the Realm Depot or the Teapot Traveling Salesman.

Genshin Impact teapot Load Limit

Each piece of furniture has a load value, which represents how demanding it is to render. To ensure a smooth experience, Mihoyo has placed a load limit on your realm – your current load status is denoted by a green, amber, or red light at the top of your screen in the build menu.

You can’t see the individual load value of your furniture in-game, so to optimise your realm, we recommend checking this Genshin Impact furniture data tool by Inkplane.

how to collect wood

Collect wood by chopping down trees in Teyvat; the wood is automatically added to your inventory. The type of wood you receive depends on what kind of tree you cut down. To find out exactly where you can obtain each type of wood, see our Genshin Impact wood locations guide.

How to place furniture

The furnishings icon is in the top right corner, and takes you to the furnishings screen, from which you can place your furniture.

Realm Currency

Realm Currency is stored in the teapot spirit’s Jar of Riches. The jar has a storage cap, so be sure to spend it before you reach the cap. You can use this currency to buy rare items from Tubby, and the more Trust Rank you have, the more items you can get.

Adeptal Energy

Adeptal Energy is a measurement of how many furnishings have been placed in your realm. To increase your Adeptal Energy, simply place more furnishings. Along with Trust Rank, higher levels of Adeptal Energy allow you to collect more Realm Currency and increase the storage cap on the Jar of Riches.

Teapot Traveling Salesman

The Traveling Salesman will visit your realm every weekend, with unique items for sale. You can also visit your friends’ realms, and trade with their Traveling Salesman, who will have different items on offer. As you increase your Trust Rank, the goods available to you from the salesman change, too.

How to visit serenitea pots

You can request to visit anyone’s Serenitea Pot, regardless of their World Level, as long as you have them added as a friend.  Click on their avatar in your ‘My Friends’ menu, and select the second option; ‘Request to visit Serenitea Pot’.

You can also set permissions for your own Serenitea Pot via the map interface, where you can choose to automatically accept or reject requests from others to enter your realm, or require approval.

While in someone else’s Serenitea Pot, you can help speed up their furniture crafting by interacting with Tubby, once per day.

teaPot Realm Dispatch

As of the 1.6 update, you can place your companion characters inside the Serenitea Pot, using the Realm Dispatch item. To unlock this item, complete the quest “Idle Teapot Talk” by talking to Tubby.

Once you have this item, you will see a new ‘companion’ tab in design mode. This allows you to place characters inside the Serenitea Pot. While they are in the pot, they generate companionship experience – the amount they generate depends on your Adeptal Energy rank.

teaPot furnishing sets

You can also earn gifts from your companions as a reward for placing their favoured furniture sets. Here are the sets that each character prefers:

  • Amidst Poetic Pondering: Eula, Mona, Lisa, Jean, Fischl
  • Amidst Whispering Winds: Noelle, Eula, Barbara
  • Bird and Blossom Park: Venti, Jean, Barbara, Kaeya, Rosaria
  • Cloudy Haze Dream Court: Keqing, Yanfei, Chongyun, Ganyu, Hu Tao
  • Cottage Kitchen: Mona, Xiangling, Xiao, Razor, Tartaglia
  • Dawn Orchard: Rosaria, Venti, Kaeya, Diluc
  • Feiyun Study Room: Zhongli, Xingqiu, Ningguang
  • Gathering of Gourmets: Ganyu, Tartaglia, Xinyan, Xiangling, Beidou
  • Glittering Street: Xingqiu, Yanfei, Ningguang, Keqing, Zhongli
  • Idyllic Town: Diona, Amber, Razor
  • Iter Ad Astra Abyssosque: Bennet, Fischl, Qiqi, Chongyun, Bennett
  • Of Hunting and Dancing: Klee, Sucrose, Beidou, Amber
  • Qingce Cloud Residence: Qiqi, Xinyan, Xiao, Hu Tao
  • Secret Research Lab: Albedo, Klee, Sucrose, Lisa
  • Weapon Forging Station: Diona, Noelle, Diluc, Bennett

teaPot gardening

Gardening is now a feature of the Serenitea Pot. The above gadget, the seed dispensary, can store seeds or spores, which you collect throughout your adventures. You can purchase three types of crop fields via the Realm Depot – each field can grow different seeds. We’ve put together a Genshin Impact gardening guide containing everything we know about the  mechanic.


You can also raise ornamental fish in your Serenitea Pot in the Pool of Sapphire Grace. The Pool of Sapphire Grace blueprint can be purchased from Jiawei in Liyue in exchange for ten Medaka fish. For more information on how to catch fish, check our Genshin Impact fishing guide.

That’s all we know about the Serenitea Pot for now, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more. For the curious, we’ve also got a guide to the upcoming Genshin Impact banners.