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Get five minutes of Sniper Elite 3 footage in your sights

Sniper Elite 3 trailer

Rebellion’s latest Sniper Elite 3 gameplay trailer is also a story trailer and a five minute preview. That’s a hard working gameplay trailer. 

Slap your eyes on the new footage below, involving, as one might expect, lots of bullets going through skulls and a whole bunch of skulking.

Despite not spending much time with earlier Sniper Elites or the Nazi Zombie spin-offs, I’m finding myself more and more interested in shooting things from a great distance. Well, there’s that at the tactical shots against vehicles, laying sneaky traps, planning even sneakier ambushes and the big open areas filled with potential sniper spots.

Steve liked the cut of its jib when he previewed it, and it managed to make Rob forget his earlier disinterest and fall in love.

You’ll be able to get your mitts on it come June 27th.