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When is Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut coming out? PC release times

When is Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut coming out? Get all the details you need to know to get ready for the ninja epic's arrival on PC.

When is Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut coming out? It’s taken a while to get to us but finally the open-world ninja game is coming to PC. Launched to critical acclaim back in 2020 and since updated for newer consoles, we’ve been waiting a long time for it to hit our beloved desktop boxes. Now it’s nearly here and that waiting is about to pay off.

Ghost of Tsushima seems perfectly made for PC. Open-world games have often had an easier time on computers compared to consoles, simply due to hardware limitations, and with any luck Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will be no different. With a recent good track record of PC ports, we’re hopeful this will also be perfectly playable on release.

There’s already plenty to cheer about. The game’s Legends co-op multiplayer mode is going to be present from launch, albeit in a beta form. This means that PC, PS5, and PS4 players will all be able to play together, something that took the original game a while to add.

In addition to co-op, Steam Deck support promises to be present. The full single-player game including the expansion should be playable on Steam Deck. Multiplayer mode will not, due to some PSN integrated features. This means that players may see the Steam page state that Ghost of Tsushima is unsupported on Steam Deck but the developer states that this is not true.

With the release knocking on our door, here’s when you can get your hands on Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC.

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Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut release time

On PC, the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is set for 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST on Thursday, May 16.

Here’s the full breakdown covering confirmed time zones and cities:

  •  Los Angeles – 8am PDT – May 16
  • Mexico City – 9am CST – May 16
  • New York – 11am EDT – May 16
  • Rio de Janeiro – 12pm BRT – May 16
  • London – 4pm BST – May 16
  • Berlin – 5pm CEST – May 16
  • Cape Town – 5pm SAST – May 16
  • Dubai – 7pm GST – May 16
  • New Delhi – 8:30pm IST – May 16
  • Tokyo – 12am JST – May 17
  • Sydney – 1am AEST – May 17
  • Auckland – 3am NZST – May 17

A map of the world showing when Ghost of Tsushima will launch in different regions.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut preload

PC players can preload Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut now. 

If you’re looking to get a headstart on your Ghost of Tsushima installation so you can dive right into the game at launch, if you have pre-purchased the title you can download it right now.

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