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Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid Project Titan launches today - here are the details

Get ready for the raid, Ghosts - Project Titan launches today

The first of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint raids is nearly here. Project Titan, the first raid in the Ghost Recon series’ history, is about to launch – developer Ubisoft has announced the four-player co-op raid update kicks off from 20:00 UTC today, and it’s free for all Ghost Recon Breakpoint players.

Ubisoft calls Project Titan “the toughest end-game challenge.” The update brings a sharp departure from the game’s main setting, Aurora, taking players instead to Golem Island where another Ghost faction, the Red Wolves, have set up camp – and pose a lethal threat. Players need to find and take out deadly prototype drones on the island, defeating four tricky bosses along the way: Baal, Quantum Computer, Gargoyle, and Cerberus.

The Project Titan raid is designed to pit you against some tough opponents as part of a four-player team, with some of the best rewards the game has to offer up for grabs. The raid gets reset on a weekly basis, bringing new objectives, enemy setups, and of course rewards, to keep you on your toes.

How do you join project titan?

Ubisoft explains that, while Project Titan is free for all Ghost Recon Breakpoint players, you’ll need to have 150 Gear Score as a minimum and a full four-player squad to dive in. The studio advises that, upon completing the main story mission, the “fastest way to gear yourself raid-ready” is to do Aurora and Faction missions.

To help you get a four-player squad set up and ready to go, the game will offer both public and private matchmaking assistance for the Project, with a Raid option available via Mood Matchmaking in the menu to help you team up with other Ghosts.

If you want to be ready to dive into the Project Titan raid when it launches today, head to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint site to find out more about its rewards, unique weapon master plans, and class sets – and get some tips on how to beat it.