Ghost Recon Wildlands’ free Splinter Cell op will let you team up with Sam Fisher tomorrow

ghost recon wildlwands special operation splinter cell

Last week, Ubisoft teased the return of a Michael Ironside-voiced Sam Fisher as part of a new mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Now they’ve show exactly what to expect from the crossover, launching for free on April 10 as Special Operation 1: Splinter Cell.

Dammit Fisher, practice your sneaking skills with the best stealth games on PC.

You’ll see the core of the first Special Operation in a PvE mission where the Ghosts team up with Fisher for some nighttime infiltration. It’s playable in solo and co-op, and Ubisoft promise it’s “one of the most difficult missions the Ghosts have ever faced.” Based on the footage in the new trailer above it looks very much like Splinter Cell, which I’ll count as a good thing.

The mission will stay available in-game, but a “Special Challenge” will only last until May 16. Completing the mission before that date will net you new items including Fisher’s goggles and a night-vision filter. The Year Two Pass brings some extra content of its own, including a Splinter Cell costume, Karambit knife, and the customisable SC 4000 prototype assault rifle.

This operation also brings a new assault class for Ghost War PvP, with the appropriately-themed Echelon becoming the 18th member of the roster. The Echelon has a Sonar Pulse revealing enemies through walls at short range for his own tactical benefits.

You’ll have a chance to try all this out for free soon, as Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a free weekend from April 12 to 15, opening access to the base game as well as the extra content.