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Stellaris’ roguelike spinoff finally hits Steam - and it’s cheap

Fast Travel Games and Windswept Interactive just launched their roguelike Stellaris spinoff Ghost Signal on Steam, and it's a VR experience you shouldn't miss.

Ghost Signal Stellaris roguelike: A large purple alien, moth-like creature flies in space, a starry cloudy sky behind it

Ghost Signal is a unique tactical VR experience set amid the stars. It’s a spinoff of Stellaris, set in Paradox Interactive’s immense universe. Fast Travel Games and Windswept Interactive just launched the virtual reality roguelike on Steam with all of its content updates, improved visuals, and new quality-of-life features. Ghost Signal is also relatively cheap, making it a great deal for Stellaris fans and its newcomers on Steam alike.

There’s no better VR game experience out there than one that launches you up into space for an action-packed ride. In Ghost Signal, you’ll be at the forefront of Stellaris’ most thrilling adventure yet as the captain of the Aurora ship. Take on a multitude of alien enemies in battle, gather valuable loot, conduct mind-boggling research, and take a deep breath because you’ll be encountering planet-sized beings.

Yep, you read that right. Don’t believe me? You can grab Ghost Signal right now for £16.75 / $19.99 on Steam to fly before the giant space creatures yourself. You’ll also get to scan the exotic aliens to help further your technology tree’s research progress, and even engage in asynchronous multiplayer to scavenge fellow players’ ships.

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You won’t ever have to worry about variety in-game, either. The story mode is completely randomized so each session you play is unique. If you’re more competitive, you can also take part in daily challenges to climb up both global and local leaderboards.

From dynamic space wars to fulfilling discovery, Ghost Signal seems like an essential experience for any long-standing Stellaris fan. As a fan of all things extraterrestrial, I’m personally most excited to encounter the various aliens out there, especially the super-massive ones. Looting and shooting your way through space as a captain is cool too though.

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