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Bethesda’s Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo both launch exclusively on PC and PS5

Bethesda's two big titles from the PS5 showcase will not come to Xbox at launch

Today, the PlayStation 5 reveal provided us with a first look at in-game footage from two titles coming from studios under the Bethesda banner – Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo. Both of those titles will launch as console exclusives for PlayStation 5, meaning they’re not going to be available on Xbox Series X at launch – but despite the publisher’s willingness to crush the dreams of console fans, PC players will still get to play both games at launch.

Deathloop comes to “consoles exclusively for PlayStation 5 when it launches this holiday season”, as Bethesda explains on the PlayStation Blog. It “will also be launching on PC at the same time”. Another blog post reveals that Ghostwire: Tokyo will come “to consoles exclusively for PlayStation 5 in 2021. Ghostwire: Tokyo will also be launching on PC.”

In recent years, Bethesda has put out its games on as many platforms as it could manage, but it looks like that’s changing for the next generation. The wording in these quotes leaves room for both games to come to the new Xbox some time after launch – possibly like the timed exclusive deals we see on the Epic store – but if you’re not looking to buy a PS5, PC will be your only place to play at launch.

You can check out the extremely stylish Deathloop trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

And the similarly gorgeous Ghostwire: Tokyo footage below.

YouTube Thumbnail

We’re still a long way from seeing Bethesda’s big internally-developed games – the Starfield release date and Elder Scrolls 6 release date are both ages away – but those’ll let us know if the publisher’s platform-exclusive strategy will continue from here.