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Gigabyte just made it easy to build your own AI modeling machine

With its new AI TOP system, Gigabyte is providing specialized hardware components and software to help you build an AI-training PC at home.

gigabyte ai top graphics card

Gigabyte is taking the whole “every PC can do AI” concept to a new level with its new Gigabyte AI TOP components and software. These components are aimed at making it easy for those who can’t afford high-end server-grade hardware to build a high-performance AI training PC, and while they’re based on regular consumer products, they’re optimized for heavy-duty training tasks.

While these new Gigabyte parts are unlikely to jump to the tops of our component guides for hardware such as the best graphics card – as those guides list the best products for gaming, not AI – they could help you get into AI in a big way if you’re on a limited budget.

Indeed, these components are outright cheap. At the heart of the lineup is a TRX50 motherboard for high-end Threadripper CPUs. It’s packed with high-end hardware such as top-tier networking and USB 4 support but crucially also comes with very heavy-duty heatsinks to ensure the board stays cool and collected.

gigabyte ai top motherboard

Next up are the graphics cards, consisting of an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti, an AMD Radeon W7900, and an AMD Radeon W7800. The latter two are traditional workstation cards, rather than consumer models, but they’re still a far cry from the dedicated server GPUs that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Crucially, these new graphics cards are equipped with traditional blower-style coolers, which means they work well together when multiple cards are stacked next to each other. If you’re building a server-like system, this sort of configuration is essential, with noise output from the fans being a secondary consideration to reliable cooling performance and maximum power.

gigabyte ai top power supply

To this end, there’s also a 1,600W power supply in the range that offers 80 Plus Platinum certification for 92% power efficiency and conforms to the latest ATX 3.1 standard. What’s more, it’s all in a form factor that’s the same as normal PC power supplies and doesn’t require the sort of multiple slim rack power supplies of servers.

All in all, you can configure up to a quad GPU setup with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro W7995WX all in one PC case – it will need to be quite a large case, of course.

While this sort of system won’t be for everyone – and certainly not every PC gamer – it’s great to see companies supporting the middle-ground user tier and not just chasing the megabucks of huge data center-based AI.

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