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A cult classic shooter is back after years, and deserves more players

Gigantic has finally returned following six years of inaccessibility and fan hype, but its positive reviews don’t match its player count.

Heroes from Gigantic: Rampage Edition

Originally released in 2017 as a free-to-play game, the 5v5 hero shooter and MOBA hybrid Gigantic has become a cult classic of sorts, changing up the hero shooter format by combining it with MOBA elements to create a legitimately unique experience, even when compared to later competitors like Overwatch and Valorant. Splitting matches into two phases – an objective based, familiarly King of the Hill-esque phase followed by a more MOBA-inspired space-control Rampage phase – was novel, and nothing has been similar since. When Gigantic was shuttered by Gearbox in 2018, it was a loss for the genre and fans of the game made their feelings clear online that it was sorely missed – that was, until its eventual relaunch.

Re-released as Gigantic: Rampage Edition on April 9, the MOBA game’s rebirth included all previous content as well as new heroes, maps, game modes and, notably, a switch from a free-to-play model to a $15.99 / £16.99 price tag. Yet, despite these additions, improvements and the previous fan outcry for its return, Gigantic’s re-release hasn’t yet captured the audience it deserves.

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At a 75% positive rating on Steam, you’d assume Gigantic would have relaunched with a bang, but it’s not quite there yet. With an average of around 4,000 concurrent players since its peak at launch of 6,112, its playerbase is closer to modest than, well, gigantic, which is a real shame; however, relaunching after six years of absence to a consistent playerbase is still impressive in itself.

SteamDB Chart of Gigantic: Rampage Edition's player counts

Hopefully, Gigantic’s rebirth has just had a rocky start, and over time it’ll grow into being the popular hero shooter it deserves to be. If nothing else, the upcoming free post launch content certainly can’t hurt.

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