GTA 2-Cyberpunk 2077 mash-up Glitchpunk gets new gameplay reveal

Mess with cops, hack pedestrians, and drive a tank - it's all in a day's work in Glitchpunk

Dark Lord and Daedalic Entertainment have revealed brand-new gameplay for the upcoming “GTA 2-inspired” cyberpunk game Glitchpunk at tonight’s Future Games Show pre-show. Taking us through one the upcoming PC game’s missions, the new trailer gives us a good idea of how the top-down, retro GTA-style game’s action, character progression, and Cyberpunk 2077-like tech will play out.

The clip – included below – kicks off with the game’s second ‘episode’, Ministry Royale, which sees three opposing factions fight it out for domination in the neon-drunk city. Their descriptions make them sound plenty at home in a cyberpunk world: “brainwashed order fanatics, an anarchistic biker gang called ‘Reapers’, and working class android rebels known as ‘The Plague'”.

The gameplay is highly reminiscent of GTA 2’s – the objectives and HUD are simple, and it’s all top-down police dodging, fast driving, troublemaking action. The flair lies in its branching storyline and character progression system – ‘modules’ – which incorporates a bunch of abilities and stats. As you can see at the 0:50 mark in the clip, ‘parameters’ include things like health, focus, speed, life steal, and other familiar stats. Hacks available let you “mess with” pedestrians and cops “in all sorts of ways”, like starting fights between gangs and police.

Check out the new Glitchpunk gameplay below:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s no set release date for the game yet, but its Steam page indicates it’s due to hit Early Access sometime in Q2 2021.