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Goat Simulator 1.1 improves on perfection with front-leg balancing and parkour. There’s video

The problem with patching Goat Simulator: how do you know which physics bugs to keep?

In this age of perpetually-updated PC games, there’s a worry: that games can be spliced beyond recognition in a bid for perfection, losing their identity somewhere along a path strewn with patches.

It’s with appropriate solemnity and a dash of relief, then, that we can inform you that Goat Simulator’s 1.1 update does nothing to dilute the game’s peculiar brand of surrealist slapstick.


Goat Simulator 1.1 will arrive in mid-May as a fairly substantial free update to the market-leading bovid approximation software. Alongside the enviable acrobatics seen above, there’ll be local splitscreen multiplayer and a brand new map.

“As we’ve announced before, online multiplayer doesn’t quite work with Goat Simulator since we can’t synchronize the physics we’re using across different computers,” explained Coffee Stain Studios. “But local co-op with splitscreen should work!”

Goat Sim’s 1.1 patch is a “compromise” of the best sort – Coffee Stain’s cost-free response to the call for new content.

“A lot of you have been asking for DLCs for Goat Simulator,” they said. “However, since we have Steam Workshop support, we’d feel bad charging for DLC when you can just download stuff for free at the workshop.”

No need to feel bad, really – developer-made stuff is worth paying for. But it’s a noble gesture, don’t you think?

Tim offered his grudging respect to Coffee Stain in our Goat Simulator review, and argued for the value of silliness in the PCGamesN Podcast. So impassioned was he, he didn’t notice when we stopped arguing back.