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Free PC game - Dave the Diver, but with a dark secret

Godlike Burger is a restaurant management game and cooking sim where your customers are the food, and you can get it as a free game now if you move quickly.

Godlike Burger - A moustachioed chef in a baseball cap looks on in horror at the dark burgers he has crafted in this restaurant management sim, free this week via Epic Games.

Godlike Burger is a little different from your average restaurant sim. While the likes of Overcooked, Dave the Diver, Plate Up, and Cook, Serve, Delicious all do a great job of capturing the hectic, all hands on deck nature of running an eatery, the food you’re serving is pretty by the books. Not so in Godlike Burger, which can be yours for free right now, so be sure to grab it while you can.

In Godlike Burger, your customers aren’t just the ones eating… they’re also the food itself. That’s right, in a delicious yet delightfully devilish, Sweeney Todd style twist, this cooking game actually has you carving your own clientele into cannibalistic canapés. By day, you’ll be travelling from planet to planet serving up plenty of juicy burgers to entice all manner of alien creatures through your front door.

You’ll need to keep your ingredient cupboards and freezers stocked, however. To do so, you’ll want to take advantage of any customers who step into an unfortunately quiet bathroom or store cupboard, taking them down with your trusty meat cleaver or bringing about their untimely demise with all manner of ‘special sauces’ or other traps. Just make sure you don’t leave any witnesses.

Typically, you might think of restaurant management being about keeping your customers happy – but in Godlike Burger, success isn’t measured by how many orders you get right, or even if you manage to serve all your customers at all. Rather, you’ll be working out creative ways to capture some of the more elusive (and, naturally, delectable) species you come across to entice other creatures into your establishment.

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That means a bustling store, while profitable, isn’t always best – after all, it’s much harder to get away with murder in a packed building. And more mouths to feed means a greater demand for meat, which means you’ll need to be doing a lot of bad deeds. As such, you’ll likely want to strike a good balance of customers walking out the door to tell people how delicious your burgers are, and ones who end up on the next day’s menu.

Godlike Burger is a free game on the Epic Games Store from Thursday October 5 to Thursday October 12, 2023, and it’s yours to keep once claimed. If you’re after something a little more gleefully sinister in nature, head right here to claim a copy of Godlike Burger for yourself.

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