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GOG Summer Sale kicks off with daily bundles and flash sales

GOG Summer Sale

It’s summer. I know this, because the rain battering my window right now is accompanies by muggy heat and storm clouds. Summer in Scotland is a grand thing. Another indicator of the season is the GOG Summer Sale, which has kicked off today. 

Until June 30th, 700 games have been discounted, along with hourly flash sales and daily bundles. Of note right now is the excellent Hotline Miami, which is 80 percent off and recently released Sir, You Are Being Hunted, which is also 75 percent off. 

Today’s 24 hour bundles are the RollerCoaster Tycoon series for $8.97 and the D&D Masterset, which includes Baldur’s Gate I & II and Planescape: Torment, and that will set you back $21.10.

The current flash sales have some tasty morsels right now, but they’ll be gone soon. Shadow Warrior for $7.99, The Swapper for $2.99 and Outlast for $4.99 are all pretty great deals.

Almost the entire library of games has been discounted by 50 percent, which is pretty impressive given the rather large slice of gaming goodness held within the vault of GOG.

Anything tickling your fancy right now?