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Delve into seven dungeon crawlers and save over $100 with this bundle

There's a ton of dungeon crawling goodness on offer in this brand new Humble Bundle, including cult hits like Going Under and Lunacid.

Delve into seven dungeon crawlers and save over $100 with this bundle: A lovely gentleman from Going Under stands looking at you.

Dungeon crawlers and PC gaming go hand in hand like strategy games and PC gaming. From the very earliest days of IBM Compatibles and the like, many games revolved around heading under ground to slay enemies, cast spells, and delve mysterious depths. That’s still the case today and a brand new Humble Bundle has emerged from the gloom to let you try some of the best modern dungeon crawlers like Lunacid or Going Under, for less.

There’s something about a dungeon crawler that makes it the purest form of what an RPG is, distilling down classic Dungeons and Dragons sessions into manageable PC gaming experiences. Despite dungeon crawling still being popular, we’ve moved away a little from the standard first person jaunt of days past. Games like Mythforce, Siralim, or Going Under all capture the feeling of dungeon crawling, while offering something completely new.

Humble Bundle has offered a big slice of dungeon delving joy in a new bundle, titled Fungeon Crawlers it will let you pick up seven RPGs, each with their own spin on the genre. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Abalon – This top-down adventure combines a deck builder with tactical combat, as you explore a wide world aiming to recreate the feeling of playing tabletop RPGS like Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Mythforce – What if your fantasy world was inhabited by Saturday morning cartoons? Mythforce is a roguelike that sees you play alone or in four player co-op to tackle devious dungeons in a first person RPG romp.
  • Lunacid – Inspired by the King’s Field games, Lunacid is a deliberately paced and solitary adventure in a huge dungeon that will test your combat skills to their limits.
  • Siralim Ultimate – If Pokémon and Diablo had a baby, it wouldn’t look much like Siralim, but it wouldn’t look too dissimilar either. Collect creatures, summon them in battle, and take on dangerous foes  in this truly huge game.
  • Devil Spire – More violent than Lunacid, this take on reimagining King’s Field style titles shares some DNA with classic FPS games like Heretic or Hexen, wrapped up in a roguelike cloak.
  • Hellslave – This stylized demon-filled dungeon crawler takes you on a journey through hell to save earth from extinction, by making pacts with the very creatures you aim to stop.
  • Going Under – We end on a lighter note, Going Under is a satirical take on the genre, casting you in the role of an unpaid intern as you take on the corporate dungeons under your feet.

If you’d like to grab some or all of these dungeon crawlers, click the image below to be whisked away to the Humble Bundle site to start your journey into crypts, lost castles, and deep caverns.

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