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This free game is a 9/10 indie roguelike that’s prop hunt, backwards

Golden Light is a dark comedy roguelike survival game from indie developer Mr Pink that takes you to the Meat Zone for backwards prop hunt.

Golden Light - A man with long hair stares at you as he bites into an object covered in flesh and eyes.

We love a free game or two here at PCGamesN, and right now you can grab yourself one of the more surreal roguelikes we’ve seen in a while for absolutely nothing. Golden Light is an indie survival horror game with roguelike elements that’s basically prop hunt, but in reverse. With a 93% positive Steam rating and designs that could make Resident Evil, Silent Hill, or even The Binding of Isaac wince, you’ll want to jump on this deal while you can. Are you ready to face the horrors of the Meat Zone?

Golden Light is one of those games you really just have to see for yourself. In this self-proclaimed “survival horror FPS prop hunt roguelike about meat,” even the walls and chairs are hunting you. Coming from indie game developer Mr Pink, this 2021 release has earned a cult appreciation, and now you can grab your own copy as a free PC game.

In order to save your loved one, you’ll need to descend into “the depths of the Gut,” where you’ll have to make use of all manner of randomized weapons that range from traditional guns, fire axes, and baseball bats to a range of much weirder and often disconcertingly fleshy options.

Golden Light certainly captures the vibe of a surreal nightmare. Its old-school look and nightmarish enemy designs feel like you’ve fallen into a 3D spin on The Binding of Isaac, yet somehow far more haunting. The good news is that with the ability to play in online co-op, at least you can bathe in its lo-fi gore together with a trusted friend. You’ll probably both need a good wash by the time you’re done, though.

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Golden Light is a free game via the Epic Games Store until Thursday November 16, 2023, and it’s yours to keep once you claim it. You can enter the Meat Zone right now. Just be ready for the horrors that await.

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