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One of Steam’s best multiplayer games just got a big update

Golf With Your Friends' latest update allows you to compete alongside groups of your buddies against other teams in the new Teams Mode

A player shoots a golf ball into a dinosaur skull in Golf With Your Friends

The cutesy chaotic co-op mini-golf game Golf With Your Friends from Worms developer Team-17 recently received a new update that allows you to play golf both with your friends and against them at the same time. The new Teams Mode grants players the ability to split into, you guessed it, teams of any size, competing against rival players to rack up points for their golf squad.

Each pre-named team is styled and themed after one of the different locales seen in Golf With Your Friends’ various courses, from the Putting Pharaohs representing the Oasis level, to the Gumdrop Golfers who make their home in Candyland.

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Teams Mode can be enabled across all game types, both offline and online, and, to facilitate the added chaos to one of the best casual multiplayer games on Steam, the update also brings with it new game settings options that provide you with multiple methods of calculating your team’s scores, as well as providing new custom ball collision options that allow you to either collide with just your teammates, or only the enemy team. Given my family plays mini-golf at every family outing, I kind of wish I had these options in real life to stop my brother trying to pivot off my ball into the hole. Keep your minds out of the gutter, people.

The Teams Mode update also brings some cosmetic items available for players, including a free sticker pack to match each of the new teams and a ‘Teams Mascot’ themed cosmetic hat pack that features 12 hats available for purchase for £3.49/$3.99/€3.99. Those playing on Steam can also get a limited-time free Dredge floatie to celebrate Team 17’s nominations for Best Debut Indie Game and Best Independent Game at The Game Awards.

For those playing with friends in person (those nerds), Golf With Your Friends has also added multiple controller support for local hotseat sessions, meaning each player can use their own controller instead of having to pass a single gamepad around the room like it’s 1999.

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