Gotham Knights playtest appears briefly on Steam

A Gotham Knights beta playtest showed up on Steam before being deleted.

A Gotham Knights beta playtest has appeared on Steam

A Gotham Knights playtest has appeared on Steam, despite the fact that a release date for the highly anticipated superhero game still hasn’t been announced. It’s unknown whether this Gotham Knights beta will be a public one, but it suggests the game is gearing up for release.

The Batman Arkham games are still some of the best action-adventure games on PC, but it’s been nearly seven years since Batman Arkham Knight released. Fans have had to wait a long time for another game set in Gotham City, so it’s good that Warner Bros Montreal’s Gotham Knights is still down for release this year – and it may be playable sooner rather than later.

As pointed out to us by SuspiciousTension19 on Reddit, a “Gotham Knights playtest” app appeared last night on Steam before being deleted, although it still can be seen on SteamDB. One person was playing it before it got removed, and it shows a depot file size of around 82.41GB.

At this time, there is no evidence to assume that this playtest will be available to the public and could be a beta for internal or remote testing purposes by the developer. However, this is the first instance of a specific – and separate – beta for Gotham Knights.

The main Gotham Knights Steam app receives frequent updates and there have already been hints of promotional tie-ins coming up, so hopefully this all indicates that Gotham Knights could have its release date announced soon.

As for why we’re getting Gotham Knights rather than Batman Arkham Knight 2, you can find out what that game could’ve been like right here.