Gotham Knights release date pushed forward at Gamescom

The Gotham Knights release date changed once again, but this time the superhero game is coming out sooner than expected, WB announced at Gamescom

Gotham Knights release date: A glowing robot fires lasers at two superheroes

Warner Bros. announced a new Gotham Knights release date during Gamescom 2022. Following the announcement that the game has gone gold shortly before the convention, Warner Bros. is now planning to release Gotham Knights on October 21, 2022. The news accompanied a brand-new Gotham Knights trailer highlighting some of the story and the team’s unique spin on Gotham City we can expect once October 21 rolls around.

The trailer begins with Batgirl visiting Harley Quinn as a narrator describes the state of Gotham City. In short, things are good. Key villains from Batman history might be dead, but the absence of Bruce Wayne himself is apparently causing quite a bit of trouble.

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Villains and monsters alike roam the city, with the likes of Mr Freeze and the Court of Owls treating Gotham as their own personal playground. Batgirl and Nightwing are just as likely to find villains causing riots in prison as they are to see troll-like creatures wreaking havoc in Gotham’s ritzy mansions, and they’ll face off against giant robots and massive slime monsters, among many other foes, in Gotham Knights’ flashy over-the-top combat.

The story unfolds across Gotham City as you probably know it, with several intriguing new areas teased as well, from streets frozen by Mr Freeze’s power to mysterious underground areas, and the city’s seedy back alleys.

“We made a very big Gotham City,” level designer Kristofer McMahon previously said about keeping Gotham fresh. “But what’s unique to Gotham Knights is the density. The families were there. They built imposing structures within their districts. And then, we built around that. There are a lot of areas that are kind of stuck in time.”

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