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Every Granblue Fantasy Relink Slime location

Want to tick off a trophy or strike it rich? Follow along with this Granblue Fantasy Relink Slime location list as you plod through the story.

A Slime, Silverslime, and Goldslime in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

How do you find the location of every Slime in Granblue Fantasy Relink? Whether you’re looking to strike it rich, earn a neat new trophy, or just can’t continue without clearing every collectable out there, finding these jar-hugging blobby globs can be a chore. With so many to find, it makes sense to clear the story first and use Chapter Select to grab what you missed. That’s where this location list comes in.

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A Slime from Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Every Slime,  Silverslime, and Goldslime location in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Here’s a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of where to find every Slime in Granblue Fantasy Relink:

Chapter # of slimes Location
Prologue 0 N/A
1 0 N/A
2 4
  1. By the side of the large cliff with the Gold Chest on top in the shade of the scaffolding.
  2. From there, run straight toward the stone ruins by the bridge to find another just behind the archway.
  3. In the burning village behind the large house.
  4. In the waterlogged town on a rooftop by a silver chest and some barrels.
3 3
  1. Turn back from the mission start point to find this one the grassy side of the pier on the right.
  2. When you regain control after Lyria learns the Primal Beast’s name, head up the right path to a dead end.
  3. Take the left path after you enter the bat cave.
4 0 N/A
5 3
  1. On the main mission path, head up the first set of steps. It’s behind the stone torch on your right.
  2. In Snowquilt Ravine, smash through the ice wall Vryn highlights. Break the next, then smash the one on the left wall. The slime is on your right.
  3. After the hidden chest in Snowquilt Ravine, head up the spiral walkway. Once the area opens up again, hug the left wall to find it on a cliff overlooking the broken bridge.
6 6
  1. Head northwest after the first slope to find a slime on the right side of the ruins.
  2. On the west side of the central ruins zone between two fallen arc-like ruins.
  3. Toward the back (north) of the central ruins zone on a cliff on the right by an Omen Stone.
  4. From one of the major seals, drop down and travel under the archway. Continue into the chamber to find it at the back.
  5. In the ruins area made of mostly sunken pillars, climb the wall of the arch to find a slime on a raised square.
  6. From the central ruins, head straight toward the tall stone ring visible in the distant sky. Pass through the complex pillar-based structure and gently head left as you leave. Continue to the mountains and you should see them by a pillar before the ruins end.
7 2
  1. Take the left path once you land in the volcanic area. It’s tucked behind a tiny rock ramp just a few steps in.
  2. At the end of the same path, hop into the lava pool and across to the foothold on the right. It’s in the corner.
8 4
  1. Inside the ornament/trophy room with the broken wall. On your left just before the bend.
  2. Leave the trophy room and head through the exit of t he grand hall. It’s on your right.
  3. After progressing beyond the mech battle area, turn around. It’s by the locked door.
  4. After this, head down the stairs toward the objective. It’s on your right just before you leave the room.
9 3
  1. Hop down the left ledge near where you spawn. It’s on your right.
  2. Follow the object until you climb a short wood-supported incline. Turn right immediately after and down the path. It’s on a little cliff on the left.
  3. After leaving the central purple arena and continuing on, hop down onto the left to find a slime in the corner.
Final Chapter 0 N/A
0 0 N/A

Spread across almost every chapter of the main Granblue Fantasy Relink story, you’ll have the chance to come across 25 slimes as you go.

These veritable, (and feisty) treasure troves live in unassuming pots, fighting back and sprinting away whenever you get too close. Beat them up in time for a nice reward.

Beating up two Silverslimes in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

How to beat Slimes in Granblue Fantasy Relink

You might not focus on it much in the story, but the elemental weakness system of Granblue Fantasy Relink is the key to defeating Slimes before they get away.

Common Slimes can be brute-forced, but if you struggle with the rarer Slime types out there, keep the following in mind: Slimes are weak to Earth, Silverslimes are weak to Light, and Goldslimes are weak to Dark.

Equip your main character with a skill of each type if you’re going Slime hunting. It’ll make things a little easier.

Is it worth finding Slimes in Granblue Fantasy Relink?

Rouse them from their slumber and shatter their dinky homes for a tasty payday. Sounds easy enough, right? Finding the story slimes, however, can get a bit long in the tooth. They do shake as you approach them, but it’s faster to just bash every pot to see what’s inside anyway.

Unless you’re after the in-game trophy and matching platform achievement, you don’t necessarily need to worry about finding all the slimes.

Given how sparse rupies can be, though, following along with the list can present an easy way to get what you need for some nice upgrades while you go through the story.

Fighting a pair of Goldslimes in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

How to farm Slimes in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Find a good farming spot at the Quest Board – the Rilla Done Did It quest is a good one – and you’ll be swimming in rupies, mastery points, and EXP in no time. The higher the rarity of the slime, the better the rewards.

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