Gay Tony returns in GTA Online: After Hours, out next week

gta online after hours

GTA Online is bringing the nightlife to life next week, with the After Hours expansion set to bring your dreams of nightclub ownership to digital reality. The update also sees the return of the only Grand Theft Auto character big enough to be in the title of a game, as Gay Tony will be your guide in the glitzy world of Los Santos clubbing.

More properly, that’s Tony Prince, the titular figure in The Ballad of Gay Tony, one of the two expansions released for Grand Theft Auto IV. In the new trailer, Tony promises to bring his nightlife expertise in the 80s and 90s back to bear on the modern world – presumably by offering you an array of missions to complete through over-the-top cutscenes.

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After Hours is set to launch on July 24. The trailer hints at a handful of new stuff, including the expected array of new vehicles along with some apparently new warehouse and garage spaces. Some of the dialog here hints at using clubs as a central business by which to manage your criminal empire, which backs up some of the money laundering hints that came alongside the nightclub reveal in June.

Check out the trailer for yourself here.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see exactly how this manifests in gameplay terms, but for now you’ll want to save your GTA$ in anticipation of becoming a nightclub magnate. Check out our GTA Online money guide if you need a little help getting there.