This week’s free Epic Store game “is yours to keep forever” – and arrives today

The rumours are true - Rockstar's 2013 hit is this week's free Epic Store game

For the first time in, well, since we started telling you about the Epic Store’s next free game each and every week a while back, the next goody up for grabs on the store for the low, low price of nothing is actually a mystery – but not a total one, it seems. It’s Grand Theft Auto V, according to a now-deleted tweet on Epic’s channel.

The tweet – a clip of a vault unlocking to reveal the mystery game as none other than Rockstar’s 2013 hit – has been captured by user Wario64, and is included below. “Get Grand Theft Auto V free on PC until May 21,” the post reads. “Yours to keep forever on the Epic Games Store.”

So, while it’s not available to grab just yet – unlocking in just over five hours, as of this story – from later today (May 14) you’ll be able to grab one of the best PC games of all time for free – and hang on to it. You’ll just need to make sure you scoop it up before May 21 rolls around.

The Epic Games Store offers free game giveaways every week, but this is probably one of the biggest it’s offered so far – GTA V might be seven years old now, but it’s still one of the best sandbox games and best open-world games to play on our home platform.

It’s worth noting that Epic Games’ two-factor authentication requirement window is still active until May 21, so it seems if you want to grab GTA V for free this week, you’ll need to make use of the extra account protection.