People are being mean to the police on GTA V roleplay servers

'Metagaming' and Twitch chat harassment is on the rise in GTA V's burgeoning RP community

GTA 6 leaker arrested: A police officer readies a shotgun while standing beside a patrol car

Cops in GTA V roleplay servers are having a bit of a tough time at the moment. The players, who act as law enforcement to ensure sessions don’t descend into chaos, are receiving backlash from the community, leading to one popular roleplayer ending his stream, telling viewers “I’m done.”

ConfusedDevil is a well-known roleplaying streamer, and their status in the game means that they can play as a cop, investigating criminal activity, chasing down offenders, and imprisoning them if the server’s internal justice systems deem it appropriate. Given GTA V roleplay’s recent spike in popularity, however, players like ConfusedDevil have been harassed by players and fans for carrying out their in-game roles.

After a stream earlier this week was disrupted by a few viewers revealing information relating to a crime ConfusedDevil was investigating – a practice known as metagaming which isn’t allowed under the rules of the server – they told the stream that “I’m not going to sit around here and worry this much about a fucking game. I’m done.” You can check out the full clip here.

In a Reddit thread discussing toxicity on Twitch, one player said that “cops are getting way too much hate lately.” Another pointed out that “people were going out of their way to post on his Twitter,” and “even went on his Instagram to throw salt.”

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GTA V roleplaying has seen the game skyrocket in popularity in recent weeks. Last month, the game overtook League of Legends’ esports on Twitch, and attention from major streamers meant that popular server NoPixel was forced to close after receiving more than 4,000 applications in a few days.