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GTA 5 was going to let you name your own drugs

GTA 5 originally had a feature that let you customise drug names in Grand Theft Auto Online, but this was seemingly chopped from the sandbox game by Rockstar.

GTA 5 was going to let your name your own drugs: A man lying on a sun lounger, Michael from Rockstar sandbox game GTA 5, lifts his sunglasses

GTA 5 was going to include a feature that would allow you to customise the names of the drugs you create at the Grand Theft Auto Online acid lab. However, before the latest GTA 5 update, this feature was seemingly removed by Rockstar – though there is a possibility that it may return in the future, as it’s actually present and somewhat functional within the sandbox game’s code.

The latest DLC for GTA Online, Los Santos Drug Wars: The Last Dose, allows players to operate a mobile ‘acid lab’ wherein they can manufacture ‘acid product,’ which they can then sell for in-game profit. The Last Dose allows you to customise the name of your lab, but originally, this feature would also extend to the ‘acid product’  itself.

According to ‘WildBrick142,’ a former game designer and Grand Theft Auto fan, the ability to customise drug names remains in GTA 5, but is not readily accessible or entirely functional.

After locating the feature hidden in GTA 5’s code, by accessing the in-game ‘services’ menu, WildBrick142 demonstrates a new option, whereby ‘product name’ is listed beneath ‘lab name.’ WildBrick illustrates the possibilities of customisation by changing their product name to ‘VTuber Merch.’ You can see the cut feature in action below.

Renaming your product is apparently free the first time, with each subsequent renaming costing $5,000 in-game dollars. Given that the feature remains present in GTA 5 and is still somewhat usable, there is a possibility that it will be officially activated in a future update.

“It works but appears to be unfinished,” WildBrick142 explains. “It’s also not something that will be enabled with a tunable update. It would at the very least require a background script update to enable.”

Exactly why Rockstar chose to remove this feature is unclear. Readers can apply their own judgement with regards to the tastefulness of naming drugs in Grand Theft Auto 5 – nevertheless, it wasn’t deemed suitable for the final game, at least for the time being.

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