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Live-action GTA 5 short stars Trevor Phillips’ actor in filthy y-fronts

Live action GTA V

The live-action GTA V short above is a load of fun, not least because it stars Trevor’s actor being all Trevor. Expect naughty words, sexual references, violence and a man in dirty pants. 

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The video imagines a world where VR lets you be sucked into an alternate reality inside GTA V, a place where jets streak the sky and a rocket blast could ruin your day in a moment’s notice.

It’s daft, but it’s just an excuse to seeSteven Ogg doing his thing, really. There’s also a funny little nod in there specifically for us PC players, though I won’t spoil it.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing GTA V in VR any time soon though, especially not after comments fromTake-Two boss Strauss Zelnick spoke outagains the tech’s viability earlier this year.

Still, at least we’ve got this ridiculous short to watch. Every cloud and all that.