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This Grand Theft Auto 5 mod lets you control a plane using your body

"To start, we will assume the aeroplane position"

You’ve probably flown an aeroplane in Grand Theft Auto V, but chances are you’ve never actually been one. Thanks to the work of one modder, however, you can now do just that.

To get the GTA 5 mod to work, content creator Insert Controller Here used an Xbox Kinect so he could take advantage of its motion controls. The results are excellent but, oh my, does it look exhausting. Once you’ve got everything set up, you have to strike a t-pose to get your aeroplane to start. Or as the modder puts it, “assume the aeroplane position”. Leaning back allows you to fly up and take off while leaning forward will enable you to tilt downwards. As you can imagine, leaning left and right in real life will make the plane do it, too.

My favourite control is how you get out the plane, which involves throwing your hands up in the air. If you attempt this, though, please make sure you have plenty of floor space. Getting rid of your landing gear involves kicking your foot out – so don’t hurt yourself by kicking your desk.

If you want to see all this in motion, you can check out the video below. The good news, too, is that you can download the mod and try it for yourself. You’ll need an Xbox Kinect, of course, but you can find detailed instructions on how to set everything up in the video and in its description, too.

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