GTA 5 mod adds huge San Andreas map to Rockstar sandbox game

A GTA 5 mod improves the Rockstar sandbox game by adding a huge section of the San Andreas map, definitely worth checking out ahead of the GTA 6 release date

GTA 5 mod adds huge San Andreas map to Rockstar sandbox game: CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas walks out from Pizza Stack

A GTA 5 mod improves and enlarges the classic Rockstar sandbox game by incorporating a huge section of the original San Andreas map into Los Santos, something to check out and get your teeth into as we wait on that coveted GTA 6 release date.

The Las Venturas Project aims to eventually add the entire Las Vegas-inspired area from GTA: San Andreas to GTA 5, with memorable locations like El Castillo del Diablo, Heatstroke Highway, and Historic Route 69 already available across a 3km squared section of the new map. The latest update, posted October 5, builds on this even further, adding the Verdant Meadows Airfield (home to all those infuriating flying missions), the K-Rose Radio Station, and the shady government base that once contained the jetpack, Area 69 – Rockstar really loves that joke.

The finished version of the mod will apparently cover an enormous 70km squared, practically the size of the entire GTA 5 map itself. The actual city of Las Venturas is set to be added in December 2022, and the entire area will eventually be accessible via Los Santos airport, though currently it is only playable separately from the main game.

“As fans of the licence, respecting the lore is something that is very important to us,” says the Project. “Our team has done months of research and documentation to make the world of Las Venturas Project as faithful as possible to what a Rockstar Games artwork could have been.” You can access the Las Venturas Project via its official website.

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