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Multiple sources suggest GTA 6 won’t be out until 2025

While still just a rumour, now several different sources agree that Grand Theft Auto VI won't be out for four years.

GTA 6 release date

Last week a leaker suggested that Grand Theft Auto VI wouldn’t be out until around 2025, and the internet went into meltdown. Now multiple sources have corroborated this rumour about the GTA 6 release date and others – including the possibility of it being set in a modern-day Vice City and having a Fortnite-style evolving map for GTA Online 2.

On June 27, well-regarded Battlefield and Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson posted a video detailing rumours they had heard about GTA 6. The most important was that the game had now supposedly been pushed from 2023 to around 2025, due to Rockstar taking reported criticisms of its workplace conditions into account – something we heard about last year regarding GTA 6.

Other rumours Henderson reports include that the setting would be a modern-day Vice City – rather than the ’80s, since Rockstar supposedly wants as much freedom for GTA Online as possible – and an evolving map that will change and expand over time, similar to Fortnite or Apex Legends. It may also have multiple protagonists, including a playable female character for the first time in an offline GTA story.

Now several other sources have come out to voice their support for these rumours. VideoGamesChronicle reports that its “own sources” have corroborated the details, and Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier says that Tom Henderson’s video “matches up” with what he’s heard about the game – especially the parts about crunch, the evolving map, and GTA 6 still being a long way off.

While publisher Take-Two has done its best to refute GTA 6 release date rumours, even going so far as to suggest that Rockstar’s games could start coming out sooner, it does seem likely that fans will have to stick with Grand Theft Auto V for the time being – but hey, if you want to drive around a modern-day Vice City, there’s a mod for that.