Rockstar North redecoration prompts GTA 6 speculation

The Edinburgh developer has a new look, which has some fans wondering if a new project is on the way

Although there is currently nothing hinting towards the highly anticipated release of GTA 6, a spot of redecoration at developer Rockstar Games has some fans wondering whether an announcement for the developer’s new project might not be too far away.

While we’re still waiting for an official announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6, some players have been speculating the announcement is on its way, because, as noted by Edinburgh Live earlier this month, Rockstar has removed the Red Dead Redemption 2 banner from the front of its Rockstar North HQ.

The building’s facade has previously played host to a similar banner advertising Grand Theft Auto V, which released in 2013. That artwork, which featured the game’s three main protagonists, Micheal, Trevor, and Franklin, was eventually replaced by a Red Dead-themed alternative prior to the release of the Wild West RPG last year. The poster featured main character Arthur Morgan alongside the quote “Outlaws for Life,” but no longer graces the front of the Edinburgh studio.

While a new design scheme is definitely not an official announcement, the redecoration has stoked fans’ imagination. Given the precedent Rockstar has established with its two previous releases, the removal of the banner could mean that the company is gearing up to reveal something new.

Given the gap between GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, that reveal is unlikely to be imminent. That said, earlier this summer, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of publisher Take-Two Interactive said that the eight-year gap between the Red Dead games would be “too long” to wait for GTA 6.

Given that the next generation of consoles such as XBOX Project Scarlett and the PS5 are rumoured to release around next year, Rockstar could be holding back the announcement for the next installment of the franchise. It’s also possible that the company’s next game will be a Bully sequel rather than a new GTA, as casting calls and easter eggs point at a potential return to Bullworth Academy.