New GTA 6 trailer isn’t coming as soon as we hoped

A new GTA 6 trailer seemed like it was on its way, but despite potential hints from Rockstar, our Grand Theft Auto hopes have been dashed.

New GTA 6 trailer: A young woman, Lucia from Grand Theft Auto 6 by Rockstar Games

I’m almost scared of GTA 6. I look at Grand Theft Auto 5, and how it’s totally reshaped games and gaming culture, and I get the sense that the sequel is going to be so big, so tectonic, it’s going to create a whole new paradigm. There will be games as we know them before GTA 6, and games as we know them after GTA 6, and a new standard for the sandbox and open-world genres. Essentially, I’m excited. We all are. Six years since the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, we now know for sure that Rockstar’s work on Grand Theft Auto 6 is well underway. Given that the first one has amassed 175 million views, a new GTA 6 trailer would likely cause some kind of electrical rupture in YouTube’s servers. For a moment, it seemed Rockstar had something on the way. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait a little longer.

The GTA 6 release date is on its way and we now know for certain that we’re going back to Vice City, albeit totally redesigned as part of the fictional state of Leonida. The first GTA 6 trailer introduced us to Lucia, as well as the landscape of Rockstar’s new open-world game. It looks sunny, sordid, and extremely promising, precisely what we’d hope from a sequel to Grand Theft Auto 5. Naturally, we all want to see more. But despite some recent rumblings, a new GTA 6 trailer doesn’t seem to be arriving any time soon.

YouTube Thumbnail

On Monday, February 12, Rockstar seemingly created a new playlist on YouTube which included the original Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. This untitled list could be discovered by watching the trailer on Rockstar’s own site, and then clicking a playlist icon in the top-right corner. Given that Rockstar has created playlists for the majority of its other games, all of which contain multiple trailers and update videos, it suddenly seemed possible that something new and GTA 6-related was about to land. Why else would Rockstar need a playlist, unless it had more than one GTA 6 video?

New GTA 6 trailer: A Rockstar YouTube playlist for open-world game Grand Theft Auto 6

Combine that with the imminent arrival of Valentine’s Day, and what seems to be GTA 6’s central love story between Lucia and her boyfriend (who we think is called Jason), and a new trailer seemed even more possible. Sadly, however, it wasn’t to be.

As observed by ‘GamerollGTA,’ who also shared news of the playlist first appearing, the whole thing is just administrative happenstance. Back in December, Rockstar altered the YouTube ID of the first GTA 6 trailer to match the playlist ID on its own website. This prompted YouTube to automatically generate a playlist.

GTA 6 new trailer: A tweet regarding a potential new trailer for Rockstar open-world game Grand Theft Auto 6

So Rockstar kind of did make the playlist, but not on purpose – and not because there’s a new GTA 6 trailer on the way. But it’s okay. We know Grand Theft Auto 6 is real. We’ve seen it now. It’s coming. And it’ll almost certainly be worth the wait.

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