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All the GTA 6 cars we spotted in the trailer

Whether you’re cruising the boardwalks or cutting up police cruisers, the GTA 6 cars we spotted are the best way to get around in Vice City.

Which cars are in GTA 6? There’s no shame if you’re looking to pound the boardwalks of Vice City, but your own two legs won’t get you very far once the cops are on your tail. Cars are by far the best mode of transportation in Grand Theft Auto – it’s in the name, after all – and it’s important to recognize an old beater from ol’ reliable before you drag some poor hapless commuter out of the driving seat.

We’ve spotted several Grand Theft Auto 6 cars in the GTA 6 trailer that could serve as your next ride. Several cars from GTA 5 and GTA Online are set to return in Grand Theft Auto 6, alongside modern-day versions of old favorites. Of course, there’s a high chance you can also navigate Vice City using GTA 6 cheats, but nothing beats a shiny new set of wheels. Here’s all the GTA 6 cars Rockstar Games has teased ahead of the GTA 6 release date, so you can watch out for them once the crime game finally arrives.

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GTA 6 cars

Here are all the GTA 6 cars we spotted in the trailer:

  • Yellow Oceanic
  • Audi RS 5
  • Schyster PMP 600
  • Pegassi ‘Aventador’
  • Bravado Bison
  • Grotti Furia
  • Cheetah Classic
  • Bravado Police Cruiser

Yellow Oceanic

The Ocean View Hotel lives on in GTA 6, but it wouldn’t be the same without the Yellow Oceanic parked up out the front. Thankfully, we’ve already spotted its modern-day equivalent, sitting pride of place in its usual spot. The Yellow Oceanic is the first car that many fans took for a spin in Vice City back in the day, and it’ll be a great opportunity to relive that moment in GTA 6.

Audi RS 5

An Audi RS5 appears in the GTA 6 trailer. Naturally, GTA’s equivalent to Audi is Obey, and we saw 2018’s Audi RS5 Coupe appear as the 8F Drafter in GTA Online. We expect the latest coupe to bring what we expect from a sports car: speed, speed, and more speed.

Schyster PMP 600

The Schyster makes a return from GTA 4, albeit modernized for GTA 6. The luxury sedan is a fan favorite, and naturally, we expect to catch on fire multiple times as we get up to all kinds of mayhem at the wheel of this mid-range menace.

Pegassi ‘Aventador’

It wouldn’t be GTA if there wasn’t a shiny supercar you can hijack for your very own, and we’ve already spotted a luxury Pegassi among the crowds of Vice City. This appears to be a new model from GTA’s luxury car brand, and seems to closely resemble the Lamborghini Aventador.

Bravado Bison

Is there a car as quintessentially American as a Dodge Ram? GTA’s answer to the Ram is the Bravado Bison, complete with trailer. While we won’t be winning any drag races with this car, the Bison is certain to get you from one side of Vice City to the other in one piece.

Grotti Furia

During a sequence of Vice City’s raucous night life, we catch a glimpse of what appears to be the classic hot-rod red of the Grotti Furia. This sleek two-door supercar serves as your getaway car in The Big Con Casino Heist mission in GTA Online, though its chassis is anything but discreet.

Cheetah Classic

Our glimpse of modern-day Ocean Drive is already shaping up to be exactly what we expected: a bustling boardwalk strip of tourists, clubbers, and drag racers. Among the throngs of people and GTA 6 cars, we spotted what appears to be a matte white variation of the Cheetah Classic at the roadside. While it doesn’t have the trademark make and model emblems beneath the taillights, the license plate proudly declares it a ‘CH33TAH’.

Bravado Police Cruiser

There’s nothing more satisfying than hopping behind the wheel of a police cruiser while the men in blue themselves are in hot pursuit. Vice City’s version of the Bravado Buffalo doesn’t look too different from its GTA V and GTA Online equivalent, though this four-door sedan trades out the standard panda look in favor of the VCPD’s trademark green-and-white livery.

Those are all the GTA 6 cars we’ve spotted so far, though there’s sure to be more as we continue to comb through trailers. Of course, reaching all the GTA 6 map locations is only the beginning – we also recommend grabbing the best GTA 6 weapons to come out of any mission in one piece. Until then, kick back and relax with all the confirmed tracks on the GTA 6 soundtrack so far.