Racer Gravel will “leave even the most demanding player with their jaw on the floor”

Gravel preview

Milestone have released a new developer diary for their new racing game, Gravel.

The first in a series of behind the scenes insights, this video introduces you to the technical, audio, and art teams behind the new racer.

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Selecting the Unreal Engine because it enables the team “to recreate tracks in extremely vast areas of the world which surrounds us,” Milestone reckons the new engine has “made a significant impact on all areas of production, from design to graphics, thus improving creation and race development processes, modes and environments and guaranteeing incredible visual rendering.”

Apparently, Gravel will “leave even the most demanding videogame player with their jaw on the floor,” with its four different competing disciplines: Cross Country, Wild Rush, Speed Cross, and Stadiums.

Gravel is expected to release at the “beginning” of 2018. For more, check out our insight into the studio, and how developers are taking advantage of Unreal Engine 4.