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Realistic tactical FPS addresses community complaints in new video

Gray Zone Warfare has been smashing it on Steam but there’s a few issues causing problems for players but there’s hope on the horizon.

Realistic tactical FPS addresses community complaints in new video: A tactical operator from Gray Zone Warfare stands in the jungle, armed and wearing a baseball cap.

Since launch, Gray Zone Warfare has had a rollercoaster of a ride. It’s sold incredibly well and hit huge numbers on Steam but there have been some issues that have continued to hold it back. This week a new patch dropped which introduced a staggering amount of fixes and there’s more coming as the developer has released a new video letting the community know what it’s working on.

One of the most enduring issues players have been experiencing in Gray Zone Warfare is related to stability, connectivity, and general server issues. This is something developer Madfinger Games is aware of and is actively taking steps to address in the multiplayer FPS game. Server capacity has been increased for South American players already with the Oceanic region also receiving upgrades, hopefully resolving some of the stability issues affecting the game.

Another key complaint revolves around the NPC enemies you’ll face down. Their aiming has been reported to be a little less naturalistic than you would expect, with them displaying an almost supernatural sense of where you are, similar to a hacker using an aimbot. The developer is working to tone this down, keeping them more realistic in how they can see you and get shots off. Though this will make them easier to face at first, the developer is aiming to make enemies smarter over time, meaning they’ll always continue to be a challenge.

Helicopter times have been causing woes with long waits involved in both calling them, waiting for them, and then riding them to safety. More helicopter landing zones will be added making it easier to find somewhere to extract, though the other issues will require more creative solutions. Madfinger Games states that it’s not as easy as simply adding more helicopters, as that would cause unacceptable performance issues.

Finally, some quality of life changes are incoming, especially related to leaning around corners. There are some details about currency updates, as well as promises about attachments for weapons – especially intriguing with the day/night cycle incoming at some point.

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With a massive patch behind it and several more changes incoming, it feels like Gray Zone Warfare is at least on the right path. It’s yet to be seen if it can fully take on other contenders in the realistic FPS genre just yet, but it’s definitely making the right noises. If you’d like to read more about this community update, you can head over to Steam to get the full lowdown.

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