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How to call a helicopter in Gray Zone Warfare

While you're gearing up for a firefight, you also need know how to get in and out, so here's how to call the Gray Zone Warfare helicopter.

How do you call the helicopter in Gray Zone Warfare? It’s perhaps the most crucial question to have the answer to, as being stuck on the ground with your precious gear and troublesome enemies sneaking up on you is the last thing you need, so we can show you how to land and extract in Gray Zone Warfare.

Where and how you call a helicopter depends on where you are, as you need to call a chopper to both take you into battle and extract from it in Gray Zone Warfare. Below, we explain how to do both, and thus how to extract from the realistic FPS game with your best Gray Zone weapons in tact.

Two fighters look down on the ground below them from a Gray Zone Warfare helicopter.

How to call in a helicopter in Gray Zone Warfare

To call in a helicopter in Gray Zone Warfare, open your map, and click on the marker of your desired location. This brings up the option to ‘Call Transport’, which you should click to bring a helicopter to your current location or nearest landing zone.

To call a helicopter into battle, you will be at base camp. Click on the LZ, or Landing Zone, you wish to be taken to, and a helicopter will pick you up from base camp and transport you to that landing zone, ready for combat.

When you request the chopper, a pick-up timer appears above your location, letting you know how long until your transport arrives.

The map showing the landing zone for the Gray Zone Warfare helicopter

How to extract in Gray Zone Warfare

Once you are done in battle and have all the valuable gear you need, extracting works in the same way as landing in, but you must instead get to the LZ first, and select base camp as your destination. Again, a timer appears above the LZ your helicopter is collecting you from, so make sure you’re near enough when you call it in.

It’s as simple as that to call in a Gray Zone Warfare helicopter, but the hard part comes from being on the ground. To make sure things go as smoothly as possible, ensure you’re set up with the best Gray Zone Warfare settings, and get some help with our guide to the Gray Zone Warfare Leave No Man Behind quest.