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Gray Zone Warfare Medical Detective task guide

This early game quest in Gray Zone Warfare sees you seeking out the medical office and looking for evidence, but how do you get in?

How do you complete the Gray Zone Warfare Medical Detective task? Early in the game, this task proves a bit of a stumbling block as you’re expected to seek out a medical office in town to find some evidence for Gunny. When you find the office though, it transpires you’ll need a key to gain access.

With Gray Zone Warfare releasing into early access, we’ve got performance tips from the developer if you’re struggling with your frame rate, or check our very own Gray Zone Warfare system requirements guide to ensure your gear isn’t the issue. With that aside, let’s find the key to the medical office for the Medical Detective task.

Gray Zone Warfare doctor’s office key location

The key for the doctor’s office in Gray Zone Warfare can be found by killing enemies in the town. 

The key will have a different name depending on which faction you’re in, as the town names differ. It might take a short while of killing foes but eventually the key to the office will drop from one of them.

Gray Zone Warfare Medical Detective doctor's office location

Gray Zone Warfare Medical Detective task evidence

With key in hand, you now need to seek out the doctor’s office. It’s quite obviously situated in each town even though the location differs, as it has a large, pale green billboard above the entrance. If you’re struggling to find it though, here are the exact map square coordinates for each faction:

  • Lamang Recovery Initiative – 205 163
  • Mithras Security Systems – 169 116
  • Crimson Shield International – 141 166

After unlocking the door you’ll progress the quest to the next step which requires gathering some evidence for Gunny. This takes the form of a file on the desk in the office and shouldn’t provide any difficulty in finding it.

If you’ve completed this quest, you might want to check out our Gray Zone Warfare Leave No Man Behind task guide as it could prove difficult to locate the body you’re seeking out. If you’re looking for something different, get your hands on the best FPS games out there right now.