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New tactical FPS blows past Arma and Ready or Not’s Steam records

Gray Zone Warfare, a realistic FPS like Arma 3 and Ready or Not, is outpacing its closest genre competition with huge Steam player numbers.

Gray Zone Warfare has been doing very well. The tactical FPS, reminiscent of sim style shooters like Arma 3, Ready or Not, Hell Let Loose, and Insurgency: Sandstorm, came out in Early Access on Steam last week and sold a ton of copies in a very short period of time. The success it’s enjoyed so far doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with the game’s player count on Steam rising to the point that it’s far outpacing some of the biggest games in its genre.

Gray Zone Warfare is a spin on the sim FPS game that casts players in the unsavory role of a private military company soldier who’s been deployed to a recently evacuated, fictional island at the behest of a mysterious client. That island takes the form of an MMO style open world where the character’s soldier can group up or go it alone against NPC and real player enemies, engaging in tactical firefights with a realistic bent. Its realism extends to both player health and combat. Gray Zone Warfare models bullet ballistics, emphasizes firearm customization, and even sees players receiving wounds that harm their ability to fight and move around their environment.

New tactical FPS blows past Arma and Ready or Not's Steam records: A screenshot of Gray Zone Warfare's Steam player count.

The game’s premise has certainly resounded with audiences. At the time of writing, Gray Zone Warfare has an enormous 37,885 active players and has hit a 72,548 24 hour peak.

To put this in context, the game is already outpacing its closest competitors: Arma 3 and Ready or Not. Arma 3, for comparison, has 10,584 players on Steam right now and has reached a 18,871 24 hour peak player count while Ready or Not has 4,798 and a 6,965 peak. Considering that Gray Zone Warfare only came out last Tuesday April 30, its statistics to date are extremely impressive.

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