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Vroom: Grid Autosport launching soon; Codemasters announces season pass

Grid Autosport launch

I just made a series of loud engine noises at my dog, who slapped me. Why am I annoying my dog in this fashion? Because Grid Autosport launches today in North America on on June 27th in Europe. Vrooooooom. 

“As with any game it’s always a nerve-wracking time for us,” writes Codemasters’ Ben Walker. “So much work has been poured into GRID Autosport by everyone involved, we’ve thrown in copious amounts of love, desire and creativity and it’s all with one goal in mind, to create a great racing experience.”

Our Jules took it for a spin last month, and while he was a bit rubbish, he didn’t think the game was. “As I limped by Dallara F312 over the finish line in last place I was, again, frustrated. I’m rubbish at open wheel. With the assists turned off I couldn’t keep the car from spinning out, every corner saw my screaming off the road, and I was being lapped before I’d completed my first loop of the track. But this wasn’t the frustration that would see me putting the controller down, I restarted the race and went again. Willing myself to get better.”

On PC we’re getting a little bit extra: a HD texture pack. It will be available from launch, but has been made optional due to the potential performance hit 4K textures could have on some rigs.

Future content will include self-explanatory car packs and three mini-expansions. Since players didn’t want DLC that just added a new track or only improved one aspect of the game, the mini-expansions are centred around a theme, with new locations, cars and new modes. They’ll add things to both the multiplayer and single-player experiences.

If you don’t fancy buying all the extra content separately, there is a season pass.