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This fantastic roguelike RPG is 50% off, so don’t miss your chance

Deck-building roguelike RPG Griftlands from Don’t Starve and Oxygen Not Included dev Klei is going cheap in a Steam sale, so move fast.

Griftlands is a fantastic RPG going cheap - Rook, a man with a moustache wearing a flight helmet, holds up a sci-fi handgun.

From Slay the Spire, Wildfrost, and Monster Train to the upcoming Balatro and Breachway, there’s no shortage of roguelike deck builders out there. But Griftlands is a slightly different beast. Leaning more into the RPG side of things, it forces you to think about every encounter in greater terms than a simple fight. It’s one of the most interesting spins on the format I’ve played, and a 94% Steam rating shows I’m not alone. With a big discount available right now, there’s never been a better chance to find out why it’s special.

Griftlands comes from Klei Entertainment, makers of Don’t Starve Together, Oxygen Not Included, Mark of the Ninja, and Invisible Inc, so you already know you’re off on the right foot. It’s a fantastic fusion of roguelike deck builder and narrative-driven roleplaying, making it one of the most interesting and unique RPG games I’ve played; an opportunity to grab it at a big discount in a Steam sale is one you won’t want to miss out on, then.

Griftlands gives you three distinct campaigns to play as – Sal, the revenge-seeking bounty hunter; Rook, the veteran spy; and Smith, the layabout troublemaker of a wealthy family forced into situations beyond his station. This isn’t merely a choice of character, either; along with their own unique mechanics, each has a distinct tale that features its own locations, factions, and foes. Being a Klei game, you can also expect a wealth of gorgeous art and animation, and a pumping, grimy soundtrack to boot.

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Of course, you’ll need to build a deck if you’re going to succeed. In fact, you’re going to need to build two, because in Griftlands you create a battle deck and a negotiation deck. Most conflicts you run into result in one or the other situation. This is where Griftlands really shines, as negotiations force you to pick holes in your opponent’s arguments and crack their resolve. A low-paid laborer on the night shift might be easily swayed, but convincing a wealth-hoarding merchant to see your way is a much tougher task.

Battles, on the other hand, are somewhat more traditional – although Griftlands still has some more tricks up its sleeve here. Injure an enemy enough, and they’ll try to flee or surrender. This means you can end battles without combat, and you’ll probably want to in many cases. Murder doesn’t come without consequence, and the victim’s friends will immediately hate you for it. You’ll also gain additional cards in your negotiation deck, representing your increasing notoriety as a cold-blooded killer, for better or worse.

Griftlands is 50% off on Steam until Friday February 23. That means you can expect to pay just $9.99/£7.74 to pick up a copy for yourself.

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