This week’s free game on Epic is a surreal Steam hit

The new free game on the Epic Games Store is now on offer for the week, and it's a fast-paced unforgiving action-adventure RPG called Grime.

An eldritch looking creature with four arms, holding up differently colored gems

If you’re looking for a fun RPG game to play but don’t want to break the bank, Grime is currently free on the Epic Games Store. The storefront has a new game on offer every week, and this week’s free title is one you definitely shouldn’t miss. From its unforgiving soulslike combat to its surreal yet stunning art, Grime blends many of our favorite features to create a uniquely ethereal gameplay experience. Where else can you harness living weapons and consume your enemies’ souls with a black hole?

The premise of Grime revolves around your ability to absorb and grow stronger, as it sees you utilizing a black hole-like ability to crush foes and use their remains for power. Everything around you is alive, from the world itself as it contracts and shudders to the weapons you use. When it comes to surrealism, this RPG definitely takes the cake with its otherworldly design. If it seems like your kind of madness-filled experience, grab Grime and Epic’s other free games on the storefront here. Be quick about it, since Grime is only free until Thursday, July 13.

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Between menacing bosses dozens of times your size and a recently-released DLC, the game offers a good amount of hard yet rewarding content. As usual, the weekly free game on Epic will change after Grime’s offer ends, leaving the store with a new free game. You can expect to see Train Valley 2 up for grabs next Thursday, July 13, alongside Epic’s other free downloads.

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