GTA Definitive Edition hits Steam and Steam Deck at big discount

GTA Definitive Edition, combining Rockstar’s GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, has officially launched on Steam and Steam Deck with Epic launch to follow.

GTA Definitive Edition hits Steam, Epic Games Store at big discount. Tommy Vercetti and Ken Rosenberg from Rockstar open-world game GTA Definitive Edition

Rockstar Games has relaunched GTA Definitive Edition on Steam and made it fully playable on Steam Deck, with the GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas remasters available now at a dramatic 50% discount, and a launch on the Epic Games Store soon to follow, ideal for open-world and sandbox game fans, and perhaps worth another go as we await the GTA 6 release date.

When it originally launched in 2021, GTA Definitive Edition was a disappointment, with performance issues and bugs making the remastered versions of the 3D-era Grand Theft Auto games arguably worse than their original counterparts. Several fixes, patches, and updates have followed, with GTA Definitive Edition now arriving on Steam and Steam Deck at a sharply reduced price. The new version also includes achievement support.

Rumours regarding the Steam launch of GTA Definitive Edition began circulating last week, with the game officially arriving as of today, January 19. The latest GTA 5 update has also dropped, allowing players to fast travel around Los Santos using a taxi, and also buy and operate their own taxi businesses.

Rockstar says that GTA Definitive Edition is “coming soon” to the Epic Games Store, saying it will arrive later in January. This is the first time the bundle has been available anywhere on PC outside of the bespoke Rockstar Games Launcher. The 50% Steam discount is available through February 2, as Rockstar also cuts prices on many of its other games. You can pick up GTA Definitive Edition on Steam right now.

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