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New Guild Wars 2 expansion coming soon, with first new raid since 2019

The new Guild Wars 2 expansion Janthir Wilds has a release date, and brings fresh maps and the first new raid for the MMORPG in five years.

New Guild Wars 2 expansion Janthir Wilds: A hero with a staff from Guild Wars 2 expansion Janthir Wilds

Almost two whole years since Secrets of the Obscure, the new Guild Wars 2 expansion, Janthir Wilds, finally has a release date and will introduce the first new raid for the MMORPG in five years. If you’ve worked your way through World of Warcraft or finished with Final Fantasy 14 and want something fresh, this is the perfect time to get stuck into ArenaNet’s long-running online fantasy. For the GW2 faithful, Janthir Wilds also introduces one of the key features we’ve been waiting for, as well as new maps, weapons, mounts, and updates.

Originally launched in 2012, Guild Wars 2 has grown and grown thanks to four huge expansions. Massive, beautiful to look at, and boasting an epic, ongoing story, the MMORPG is about to get even bigger with Janthir Wilds, the fifth expansion that will officially arrive in 2024. The Key of Ahdashim, the latest Guild Wars 2 raid, arrived in 2019. Now, a new raid is coming, alongside enormous new map regions and more. We’re also finally getting a new homestead customization system, overhauled, expanded, and made more accessible thanks to a revamped interface, so you can easily build and decorate a dwelling for yourself and your pals.

Two new map sets will arrive with Janthir Wilds, the Lowland Shore, home to the Lowland Kodan, and the treacherous Janthir Syntri, where you’ll face roaming titans and brutal storms. To help navigate, you can now tame the feral Warclaws and use them as mounts, utilizing their speed and movement abilities to traverse the rocky terrain.

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The two-handed spear will now be available for all nine Guild Wars 2 professions, though each one will use the weapon differently, adding more diversity to combat and your preferred build. After launch, three updates for Janthir Wilds will arrive throughout 2024 and 2025 respectively, introducing not only a new raid, but new rewards and a PvP game mode. As for the story, it picks up at the end of Secrets of the Obscure, and players will need to find and make contact with the Kodan to overcome a dangerous, primitive magic that is destroying the landscape.

The Guild Wars 2 Janthir Wilds release date is set for Tuesday August 20, 2024. When it launches, Guild Wars 2 and all the additional expansion and material that have been released over the last 12 years will also finally be available via the Epic Games Store, as the RPG branches out to new platforms. If you want to pre-order Janthir Wilds, just head right here.

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