Guild Wars 2, it’s your birthday, we’ve got 48 hours free for your birthday


This is what freedom means in the Steam Age. Cancel any weekend plans and forget all whims that might be knocking about your head; fold away the tartan pinic blanket and leave those theme park tickets on the side of the cereal box. Because for another 47 hours from right now, you’re free to taste the delights of Guild Wars 2 without so much as a doff of the cap to that hefty entrance fee.

You’re free, so drop everything and come to Tyria for two days.

The weekend trial in honour of GW2’s first happy return began just over an hour ago, and comes to a close this Sunday at 11:59pm PT / 7:59am BST.

You’ll be arriving in a time where ArenaNet are updating the game on a bi-weekly basis, setting the stage with Living Stories for their players to act out, and fleshing out the early game in order to “help better teach core mechanics”. Affairs in Tyria are healthier than they ever have been.

Once the time’s up, ArenaNet would be delighted for you to notice their new Digital Heroic Edition, which for $49.99 bundles 10 XP boosts, one set of Legacy armour and an inventory-expanding mithril box (on top of the base game, of course).

Are you umming and ahhing over going steady with a new MMO? How about the GW2 veterans among you? How would you pitch its wonders to the fencesitters?