Guild Wars 2’s Scarlet is dead, but her legacy remains in Aftermath

Guild Wars 2 Aftermath

Bugger. I already used Ding Dong The Witch is Dead this week, so I won’t be singing it in celebration of the demise of Guild Wars 2’s long-time antagonist, Scarlet Briar. After months of scheming and a tale that started over a year ago, Scarlet laid siege to Lion’s Arch and was eventually defeated. And now the citizens of Tyria are going to have to deal with the very messy aftermath. Never a moment’s peace, right? 

Scarlet might be dead, but she died with a smile on her face. Her terrible drill, Breachmaker, continues to tear up the land, and Tyria is now scarred. Though defeated, Scarlet’s plans did not necessarily fail. Logging in today, players will be faced with that aftermath in a new update. They’ll see Scarlet’s legacy and the wounds she inflicted. Sounds dreadful.