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H1Z1 is getting a fast-paced Combat Zone mode with respawns

h1z1 combat zone

H1Z1 – now the simplified title of the battle royale once known as H1Z1 King of the Kill – has been getting plenty of updates in recent days, and even a televised esports push. The updates aren’t done, either, as two major new features have just been implemented.

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The Combat Zone is a new mode intended to give players a way to practice combat in a more fast-paced game mode. You spawn immediately – no parachuting in – with a generated loadout ready to go. Action takes place on a new, smaller map, and you’ll even get instant respawns after death.

Daily challenges offer a new way to earn the in-game Skull currency. You’ll get three challenges of varying difficulties each day, and you can swap one out every 24 hours if you’re so inclined. The challenges come in three difficulties, and as examples the developers suggest you might have an easy challenge of placing in the top 75, a medium challenge of destroying ten helmets, and a hard challenge of getting a kill with a hunting rifle.

In addition to those updates, there have also been some more specific gun tweaks.

  • Slightly decreased AR-15 recoil reset time to give the user more responsive 2-taps.
  • Reduced AK-47 fire rate to help alleviate close-quarters spammability.
  • Added a fixed, non-rotating pattern for Shotgun blasts including a center pellet.
  • Shotgun damage and fall-off damage have been increased to increase its close-quarters reliability.
  • Bullet drop has been reduced for pistols and rifles.

You can check out the full patch notes on Steam. H1Z1’s competitive circuit will be closing out the year at DreamHack Winter in Sweden next weekend, with top players competing for a prize pool of $250,000.