Habitat will hit Steam Early Access in July with a weaponised Statue of Liberty

Habitat Early Access

It’s a good thing that humanity is filthy and just dumps its rubbish everywhere, because one day, we might need all the debris orbiting Earth to make new habitats out of. There are bound to be floating lavatories and all those essentially just flying around out there, waiting for someone to put them to good use. 

Habitat predicts that using this space junk to build life-sustaining homes will be pretty tough though. The physics-based orbital builder makes construction look just as messy as the floating garbage. You’ll be able to find out quite how messy next month, when it hits Steam Early Access.

Oh my! It’s a weaponised Statue of Liberty. Habitat has stolen my heart.

Tim sounded a bit enamoured with it too, after he took a peek last month. “Habitat is a slapstick space-simulation – its world reacts like a billiard table, festooned with space debris. In over an hour with the game, I barely felt I was in control of my ship. But I couldn’t stop giggling.”

I know folk are getting a bit jaded about Early Access, but developer Versus Evil wants to know what you think about it and improve it based on your feedback, and that’s really what Early Access is all about. It’s also something you can ignore while you just wait for launch.

“Habitat is already incredibly fun to play, even at this early stage,” said Steve Escalante, general manager of Versus Evil. “The team is working hard to get the game ready for an Early Access launch on Steam in early July. We are looking forward to hearing what gamers think of Habitat, so the team can continue to improve the game and grow it to a fully featured space survival experience.”