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Where to get Myrtle in Hades 2

Here's where to find this white flower in Hades 2 and how to use Myrtle at Hecate's cauldron to unlock Golden Boughs and Book of Shadows.

What to use mrytle for in Hades 2

Where will you find Myrtle in Hades 2? To start brewing some powerful incantations in the second outing into the underworld, you’re going to need various ingredients to create them, here’s where you’ll find Myrtle in Hades 2.

Before you can even use Myrtle, you’ll need to unlock Hecate’s cauldron at The Crossroads, which you’ll find on your second run of Hades 2. Hecate is one of the first Hades 2 bosses, so if you’re having trouble defeating her, be sure to check out our Hades 2 Hecate boss fight guide to bring this witch down. After that, you’ll find her throughout your run and can use ingredients to craft upgrades.

Hades 2 Myrtle location

Myrtle is a white flower you can gather by hand in the Fields of Mourning. This is the third area in Hades 2, and doesn’t follow the usual linear format of the game, instead it is an open space you can explore.

Where to find Mrytle in Hades 2

Myrtle is used for various Hades 2 incantations involving love and prosperity, including unlocking Golden Boughs in the Fields of Mourning.

Here’s what you can craft using Myrtle:

  • Empath’s Intuition: Upgrades the Book of Shadows with insight into relationship status with one’s acquaintances.
  • Reviving a Mournful Husk: Make use of the Golden Boughs in the Fields of Mourning, to better orient yourself there.

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