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Hades 2 cast and voice actors

We dig into the Hades 2 cast list to find out who each and every one of the new and returning voice actors are in the incredible roguelike.

Hades 2 cast: Protagonist Melinoe looks in shock as her face is lit brightly from below.

Who are the Hades 2 voice actors? What makes Hades and its successor so great isn’t just the epic gameplay, challenging enemies, and brutal bosses, but the emotional story that goes with it. As we move on from Zagreus to Melinoe, we still carry on from the events of the first game, led by a huge cast of new and returning characters.

With so many powerful, emotional, and humorous voice lines propelling the Hades 2 story forward, you might be wondering who the Hades 2 cast members are behind the Greek Gods, Goddesses and other Hades 2 characters. There are some recognizable voices in there, as well, so here’s every Hades 2 voice actor in the roguelike game, who they play, and from where you might recognize them.

One of Aphrodite's first voice lines appears in Hades 2, the Goddess played by Courtney Vineys in the Hades 2 cast.

All Hades 2 voice actors

If you haven’t finished the game yet, we warn you that there may be spoilers ahead, as some Hades 2 characters return from the first game, and other brand-new ones make their debut appearance. Don’t read on unless you don’t mind having them spoiled.

  • Aphrodite – Courtney Vineys
  • Apollo – Colin Ryan
  • Arachne – Shelby Young
  • Artemis – Jamie Landrum
  • Chaos/Zeus – Peter Canavese
  • Charon/Chronos/Hades/Homer/Polyphemus/Poseidon – Logan Cunningham
  • Circe – Hannah Whiteoak
  • Demeter – Laila Berzins
  • Dora/Scylla – Erin Yvette
  • Echo/Melinoe – Judy Alice Lee
  • Eris – Brianna Bryan
  • Hecate – Amelia Tyler
  • Hephaestus – Dave B. Mitchell
  • Hera – Josette Eales
  • Heracles – Matthew Waterson
  • Hermes – Andrew Marks
  • Hestia – Cerris Morgan-Moyer
  • Hypnos – Greg Kasavin
  • Icarus – Asa Butterfield
  • Medea – Tara Langella
  • Moros – Sterling Sulieman
  • Narcissus/Schelemeus – Darren Korb
  • Nemesis – Becca Q. Co
  • Odysseus – Jason Marnocha
  • Selene – Sarah Grayson

Some of the Hades 2 voice actors as listed in the game's credits, including Asa Butterfield as Icarus.

Asa Butterfield – Icarus

Easily the most well-known name outside of voice acting, Asa Butterfield is the surprise Hollywood star of Hades 2, joining the cast of the game from his role in Netflix hit, Sex Education. That’s not to say Butterfield doesn’t have other excellent performances behind him, and you might also recognize the young star from Choose or Die, Ender’s Game, or The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, among others.

Amelia Taylor – Hecate

There’s just no stopping one of the most famous voices in video games right now. Yep, Hecate is played by Amelia Taylor, also known for her voice over roles as The Unknown in Metal Hellsinger, Dr Sarah Brook in The Turing Test, and the Siren Queen in Sea of Thieves. Of course, though, Taylor is perhaps most renowned as Baldur’s Gate 3’s award-nominated Narrator.

Judy Alice Lee – Melinoe and Echo

Out protagonist, Melinoe, is played by a veritable expert in the audio arts, as her voice over artist, Judy Alice Lee, is not just a well-know voice over but also worked as a professional recording engineer in the sound department for Grounded and Crash Bandicoot 4.

As a voice actor, Lee has appeared in an almost countless list of popular videogames, including League of Legends, various Call of Duty titles, Fallout 76, Ghost of Tsushima, Octopath Traveler II, and was Ularu Chen in Starfield, and Neyrelle in Diablo 4.

One of Poseidon's voice lines, played by Logan Cunningham in the Hades 2 cast, written on screen as it spoken.

Logan Cunningham – various

You’d be forgiven for thinking Logan Cunningham is the embodiment of the Hades games, returning from the first game – in which he was the voice behind six different characters – to play another six: Charon, Chronos, Hades, Homer, Polyphemus, and Poseidon, in the sequel.

Hades isn’t the only huge game series Cunningham has worked on though, having also made his mark on Unavowed and Dota 2.

Tara Langella – Medea

While Tara Langella might not have appeared in the first Hades game, there are a huge number of videogames you might recognize the voice of Medea from. Among others, Langella can be heard playing Amaterasu in Smite, Z’baza in ESO Online, Judge Pious in Lost Ark, Imelda’s skeleton form in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Phantylia in Honkai Star Rail, and most recently, Oppy in Pacific Drive.

Dave B. Mitchell – Hephaestus

2024 has been a busy year for Dave B Mitchell, having been a voice actor for not only Hades 2, but some of the year’s other biggest games so far, including Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Persona 3 Reload, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This in nothing new for the American actor though, with previous credits including Fortnite, Cyberpunk 2077, Modern Warfare 3, Diablo 4, God of War Ragnarok, and many, many more.

One of Heracles' voice lines, played by Matthew Waterson in the Hades 2 cast, written on screen as it spoken.

Matthew Waterson – Heracles

Most recently in a career spanning nearly two decades, 2023 and 2024 have been particularly busy for Matthew Waterson, with credits in Diablo 4, Jedi Survivor, Starfield, Hogwarts Legacy, and now as Heracles in Hades 2. Not content with just videogame work, Waterson has also lent his voice to the Marvel What If…? series, The Croods: Family Tree, Monster High, and X-Men ’97 in the same time period.

Cerris Morgan-Moyer – Hestia

On top of a stellar career of voice acting, Cerris Morgan-Moyer has also performed as an ADR voice actor on some of the most famous shows and movies, such as Black Panther, Eternals, and Ted Lasso, and as an actress has appeared in Our Flag Means Death and Days of Our Lives.

As for her videogame work, you’ll almost certainly have heard Morgan-Moyer before Hades 2, perhaps in Starfield as Valentina Gurov, Armored Core 6 as Raven’s Operator, or Prey as Skillet.

Jason Marnocha – Odysseus

Jason Marnocha has racked up a host of voice over credits across TV and videogames over the past 20 years. Among his first videogame jobs was World of Warcraft, as the voice of Prince Renathal, with roles in the likes of Valorant, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Diablo 4 to boot. Marnocha supports his videogame roles with a number of anime appearances as well, including One Punch Man, Hero Mask, and even combined the two by appearing in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

One of Demeter's voice lines, played by Laila Berzins in the Hades 2 cast, written on screen as it spoken.

Laila Berzins – Demeter

One of the many returning Hades voice actors, Laila Berzins reprises her role as the Goddess of the Seasons, Demeter. What you may not know is that Berzins also lends her voice to Xiao in the English version of Genshin Impact, multiple characters in Yakuza: Like a Dragon and The Last of Us Part II, and the female Barbarian player character in Diablo 4, as well as many others. She also appeared in the 2022 Makoto Shinkai anime Suzume.

Erin Yvette – Dora and Scylla

As Dora in Hades 2, Erin Yvette already voices two characters in one, but you’ll also hear her as Scylla, as well. Outside of Hades 2, Yvette has a wide range of gaming and TV credits, including Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, God of War Ragnarok, Armored Core 6, and Oxenfree II.

Shelby Young – Arachne

We kind of love the fact that Shelby Young was the voice of the mini Stay Puft marshmallow men in Ghostbusters: Afterlife the most, but that’s not to say her other roles aren’t just as amazing. In videogames alone, Hades 2’s Arachne has appeared in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Persona 3 Reload, Spider-Man 2, and Jedi Survivor, among many others. No stranger to the Star Wars franchise, Young is also the voice of Leia Organa in Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga and C1-D1 in Ahsoka, and you may have seen her in Wild Child and American Horror Story.

One of voice lines, played by Colin Ryan in the Hades 2 cast, written on screen as it spoken.

Colin Ryan – Apollo

Colin Ryan’s breakout videogame voice actor role was a Alphinaud in Final Fantasy 14 expansion Heavensward, to whom fans will be excited to hear he’s returning for Dawntrail. Having voiced the character in multiple expansions, playing Apollo in Hades 2 marks Ryan’s first videogame outside of Final Fantasy, but he can also be seen on the small screen in Finding Akira, Doctor Who, and Boundless.

Jamie Landrum – Artemis

Only reprising one of her two Hades roles, Jamie Landrum is back in the sequel as Artemis. Her other character, Nyx, doesn’t reappear in the latest game. Like many of the other Hades voice actors, Landrum also appeared in RPG game Pyre.

Sterling Sulieman – Moros

Handsome triple threat (at least) Sterling Sulieman started his career as a dancer in High School Musical: The Concert and appeared in Hannah Montana among other things, before moving to more grown up shows like Pretty Little Liars and Still Star-Crossed. As Moros in Hades 2, though, he’s no stranger to videogames, having previously voices characters in Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil 3 remake, and Fire Emblem Heroes.

One of Nemesis' voice lines, played by Becca Q Co in the Hades 2 cast, written on screen as it spoken.

Becca Q Co – Nemesis

Becca Q Co has a remarkable career already under her belt from before joining the Hades 2 cast, starring in video games, TV, and film, as well writing, directing, and producing. As fan-favorite Nemesis, Becca makes her Hades debut, but you may have her her voice in Modern Warfare II or Smite, or seen her in Madam Secretary or NCIS.

Hannah Whiteoak – Circe

Hannah Whiteoak must be quite the fan of the holidays, having appeared in a number of Christmas romcoms, as well as the Scrooge: A Christmas Carol podcast series. While Whiteoak might have less videogame credits on her resume than festive films, you’d be a fool for thinking she hasn’t performed in some hits, with The Elder Scrolls and Hand of Fate 2 joining her Hades 2 credit.

Josette Eales – Hera

Josette Eales makes her video game debut in Hades 2 as Hera finally makes her own debut appearance in the game. However, you might recognize Eales from television or film instead, having appeared alongside comedy greats in Blended, Mad Buddies, and Kroll Show.

Brianna Bryan – Eris

Hades 2 is Brianna Bryan’s first foray into the video game world, but not her first in voice acting. Well known in the children’s TV world, Bryan has voiced characters in Spidey and his Amazing Friends, Blue’s Clues and You, and Craig of the Creek.

One of Selene's voice lines, played by Sarah Grayson in the Hades 2 cast, written on screen as it spoken.

Sarah Grayson – Selene

Well on her way to making a name for herself in the video game world, Sarah Grayson appears in Hades 2 as Selene, having already worked on Tacoma, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Gone Home.

Peter Cavanese – Zeus and Chaos

The multi-talented Peter Cavanese returns to his role as Zeus from the first Hades game, having also worked as a writer and in the costume department for the short film Silent.

Courtney Vineys – Aphrodite

Aphrodite also returns from Hades, bringing her voice actor, Courtney Vineys, with her. Alongside being the voice of the gorgeous Aphrodite in both games, Vineys was also the voice of Dusa in the first, and appears in TV shows The O’Keefes and Making Partner. Like several names on this list, Vineys is also a voice actor in RPG Pyre.

Andrew Marks – Hermes

Andrew Marks reprises his role as Hermes in Hades 2, but doesn’t reappear as Sisyphus, as the character himself doesn’t return.

So, are those Hades 2 voice actors who you thought they were? Or are you kicking yourself for not knowing? Either way, there’s plenty more to discover in Hades 2, even if you’ve completed the story once. To get the best from your next playthrough, make sure you are familiar with all the Hades 2 Boons available. And, since you’re interested in the characters of the action-adventure game, you might want to know if you’ll see Zagreus in Hades 2, and why his name is missing from the list above.